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    Me and my girl are pretty new to all this. she loves the lifestyle, as do i, but we're both n00bs. (very experimental and eager to do now things, but still n00bs =P)

    thing is, she needs a collar. we both work, and no one IRL knows we're in the lifestyle (no one we know IRL would approve =P). her family (and a few of our old friends) are very prudish, and we live close by, so we see a lot of each other. so we decided an actual collar would bring up too many awkward questions. what we both thought was a wonderful idea was a lockable necklace, bigger than a choker but small enough she can't slip it off. no latch, just a decorative lock, probably heart-shaped (seen a couple non-functional ones like that, so would be nothing out of the ordinary to passers-by). the only actual items that matched our ideas cost a heck of a lot though. google came up with pretty much nothing. all we have for bondage stuff are some basic cuffs, spreader bars, ect - cant afford any more than that, at least for a little while. but she really wants to be collared (i'd love it too!) and we're looking everywhere for stuff. so while she's at work today, before i start my shift (her work has a rule against chokers in the dress code, i forgot to mention) i thought i'd actually ask some people who might know.

    do you know where i could find such a thing? or, if we're thinking of something that doesn't exist, maybe someone knows a good, decorative little padlock i can use to make her one?

    thanks in advance.

    *looks back over post* wow, she was right, i do ramble. =P ah well, you get teh point. =P
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    tb -

    Get a silver link chain from pretty much any jewlery store, then work on finding a decorative lock. Doesn't have to really lock (it's just a symbol). As a matter of fact you could just hang a key from it, again, just a symbol.... as a key to the lock you have on her. Yea... That's cute.

    What I suggest even more is that you guys read a lot about what you are and what you are doing. You sound pretty young and now you've got this new thing.

    If you're serious, don't be so excited about outward expression and focus on your private life. Take small steps and learn as much about safety as you do about kink.
    Lots of folks wind up seriously hurting each other while trying to get each other off with this lifestyle.

    Sounds like you got the time. Sounds like you really like each other. Give each other, and you sexual choices some real care, and time, to mature.

    Welcome to the forum. How old are you?
  3. thoron.bzp

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    thanks for the DIY tip. we've been doing this for about a year, started out really light (handcuffs and tickling =P). She reacts best when there's a constant reminder. a necklace how you suggested is a good idea, but when she _knows_ she can't get out of something (EG those Japanese clover nipple clamps under her bra and a loose shirt when she goes to work) it drives her crazy, makes her aroused as hell. we figured this would be a lighter version of that (no physical stimulation after all, but its still there). she loves the idea of being collared, so that, combined with her knowing it _can't_ come off, would be like mild bondage all day. she works at old navy (till she can find a better job), and we've tried a few things before. her boss doesn't mind if she's distracted sometimes - and distracted is all she is with the nipple clamps. =P

    trust me, we've done our research. everything we read about, see an image of, i can tell she's restraining her excitement - she wants me to do it all to her, she's even admitted it a couple times. only things she's said she won't like to do are being used by someone else, branding, or body piercing, and i agree with her on all those. as i said, we're pretty new at this, but we love it. we're 21, and engaged, BTW.
  4. wolf123

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    i believe they have something like that on the also you can try ebay. a lockable anklet or bracelt might be an alternative at
  5. L8NightQ

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    Thanks TB

    Glad for your situation. Don't be a stranger.
  6. Duncan

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    Once had a slave who went and baught a nice dog collar with the letter D for Duncan on it. Just looked like a neckless on here but it had keep its meaning.

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