Chichi's first punishment

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    Chichi was my woman in every definition. She was dark black with long braided hair. African features on her round face included beautiful big lips and nose. Her tits were round with nipples that pointed outwards. Her ass was huge and not proportion to her body with a small wait above it. She was a wonderful trophy whore that was made to please.
    I enjoyed here for a full year now.
    I made love to her when I was pleased with her.
    I pounded her when I desired a whore.
    I raped her when she needed to be taught a lesson.
    Sometimes it was a mixture of all three.
    She saw growing into an obedient slave nicely. I could see she was having a rough time when she moved in to the building. Getting acquainted with a new surrounding is a hard thing. She needed guidance. I took her in and comforted. I protected her from those who wanted to use her and kept her for myself.
    With me she was a confident woman. But to me she was a slave. A piece of property I owned. It took me a while to teach her to be that. I remember the first time she disobeyed me. I told her to make dinner, but I ran late. I called her and told her to wait for me as I was running a bit late from work. I was a lot late. When I got home she was watching TV, with an empty plate and cup of wine in front of her.
    “Bitch, don’t tell me you ate without me†I screamed at her.
    She came to me trying to explain. It was too late. She dared not to listen to what I say. All I could think of was how bad this bitch fucked up. I grabbed her hands behind her back with one hand and with the other hand I gave the bitch a few loud smacks across the face as she struggled to escape my grip.
    She started to apologize “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean itâ€
    “I'll make sure that doesn’t happen again whore, I’m gonna fuck it out of youâ€
    I dragged chichi to the bathroom and bent her face over the toilet seat. I stood on the other side and put my dick in her face.
    “Make this dick hard Bitch†I ordered her.
    She started apologizing again thinking I would let up but a face smack interrupted her whimpering and she started sucking like a good little whore. In no time my dick was full length, and I started to pock at the back of her throat trying to make her unload. She gagged and I released her to let it out. A flood of colours flew out of her mouth and in to the toilet.
    “I want all of it bitch†I demanded as I force my dick to the back of her mouth probing for her gag reflex. Every time I’d hit the spot, her body lifts up and her mouth release what could only be described as a jack pot win.
    Her eye watered like a fountain all over her dark face. Her hands fluttered all over the place as she chocked on my dick. She gasped for air every time my dick backed off her throat. I enjoyed listening to her gag loudly in an effort to vomit.
    “You look like a piece of shit with all that puke over you.†I pulled her from her hair and sat her on her knees facing the toilet seat. I wanted to degrade her more. “Hug that seat and stick your head in the bowl like a piece of shit whoreâ€
    I kneeled behind her spread her big cheeks apart and forced my dick into her shit hole. Gradually fucking her harder and harder. I flushed her face in the toilet calling her what she was “an African piece of shit whore that needs to be flushed for not following ordersâ€. Fucking her ass was just bonus.
    “Talk to me whore... tell me everything you are to meâ€
    “I’m your slave daddy, your maid... I do anything you want me to do... I’m here to make you happy†she said trying not to drown.
    “Get nasty bitch, what else?†I looked down on smacking her ass.
    “I’m your slut, daddy. A whore to fuck and rape. †she said proudly. â€Rape me, fuck my ass daddy.â€
    I smacked up against the bitch’s until I was about to explode. “Face me shit face, I got something for youâ€
    She sat on her ankles facing me just in time for me to cum all over her face. “Cum on your dirty little black whore†she encourage me as I shot my load on her face and chest.
    “You look very beautiful, my sweet little pussy†I said after I caught my breath. “Only one thing is wide daddy wants to piss on your faceâ€
    “Don’t keep me waiting daddy†she said as she lead her head back expect a glorious golden shower.
    “Piss on me, Piss on your slaveâ€
    I let it rip and watched it fall on her face and sprinkle all over her body.
    “Piss on me daddy, it’s so warm†she kept saying
    “Drink itâ€. I ordered. She opened her mouth and to a couple of gulps as I aimed inside her mouth. “That it piss face rub it all over her body†I interrupted the stream a couple of times just to enjoy the moment. This was the first time I degraded her to a toilet.
    She rubbed my piss all over her body, as she looked at me for approvals. “I’ve learned my lesson daddy, do you forgive meâ€
    “Just as long as it doesn’t happen again†I said smiling at her. I put the tip of my dick in her mouth and told her to drink as much of it as she could. I let go for the last time. Pissing straight into her mouth. What she couldn’t swallow gushed out of her mouth and silken her body in a beautiful shine.
    After the last few squirts of piss came out she started licking it delightfully. “I’ll drink it every time if it makes u happy with me.â€
    “We’ll see about that. Put ur face in the toilet and think of what you are to me†i growned her. “ill be back in an hourâ€
    It was an intense moment for the both of us. She knew I could go the extra mile, and I know I had a slave that I would want to keep forever.
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    Chichi Mama Mia

    I want all of it bitch

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