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    I'm TrulyDread and I'm a new submissive from Scotland.
    I'm in my early thirties and am quite new to kink.
    I always new I was kinky but struggled to find female partners who were as well.
    I've decided to actively look for a girl who likes to be dominant when playing.

    I'm straight, very tall, well-read, intelligent and have a dry sense of humour.
    I am never sarcastic but have been known to make observational jokes.

    I have been known to top and can be a bit of a creative sadist, but I'd really like to submit. I've taken a growing interest in rubber clothes and love hoods.
    I like all sorts of D/s play but I'm nobody's bitchboy I'm afraid.

    I'm very open-minded and experimental. As a sub I'm obedient, patient and not a whiner for punishment. Things I really enjoy are anal play, bondage (heavier the better), sensory deprivation, chastity play, rubber, light CBT, pet play, and other things I can't quite remember just now.
    I have a high pain threshold (I've been tested haha) but am not really in to severe pain. It's always about the right kind of pain.

    I love to be touched. This means being touched all over, have my hair pulled, being bitten, pushed, pulled, prodded, getting scratched, getting tickled etc.

    You should be cheerful, caring, intelligent, a bit of a sadist and like me of course (as much as I'd like you).
    You should be articulate and be able to explain what you want out of play.
    I think the brain is the largest sex organ in the body and a playful Domme would be wicked. If you like rubber then this would be a bonus, but is not a must.

    If you are a new domme and a bit unsure, that's fine and we can develop our mutual styles of play together. Everybody has to start somewhere.

    I am not to bothered about your age group but would hope you were somewhere between 25 and 40.
    I can't do long distance relationships but would hope you live in the Lothian area of Scotland.

    If you want to know more, make friends or have otherwise taken an interest then please get in touch. I like making kinky friends. It's fun.

    Hope to speak to you soon.


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