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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by SubRachel, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. SubRachel

    SubRachel New Member

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    For years I have dreamed of wearing a chastity belt to stop me from masturbating. (shame on me) Now I have met another woman who has agreed to serve as my keyholder and disciplinarian. Do any women in this group have experience with wearing chastity belt for that purpose? Is there any commercially available model that is best suited for prevention of self-stimulatuion? I will not need to wear it round the clock. Much of the time at home during the day I will wear restraints that will serve the same purpose, ditto at night. Thank you.
  2. small one

    small one New Member

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    Hello fellow sub Rachel I am a male sub and my Mistress gave me permission to answer your question. Before I was owned by my Mistress I would masterbate 5 or 6 times a day once she took me in I was told that I was not allowed to touch myself or masterbate unless she said it was ok. My Mistress told me that I could have no contact with my penis and no one other they my Mistress was allowed to touch it, she told me in no uncertain terms what would happen if I or anyone else touched my penis or testicals. At first I would sneek a quick feel of it but as time went on all of the subs that catered to my Mistress were required to walk around the house nude I would get so horny I could not stand it one night I was on my cot and I just started masturbating all of a sudden the light went on and there was my Mistress with apaddle in her hand she told me to get up and follow her to the parlor when we got there all of the other subs were there and told to stand by the wall my Mistress had a small table brought into the room and she told me to bend over the table and when I did she had two of the subs cuff both arm to the legs of the table and proceeded to explaine what I had done and what was coming. First time offendeds got 25 wacks with the paddle and after I was released from the cuffs a sub brought out a male chastity belt and I was told I would be wearing it for the next 90 days 24/7 I know a female belt can be uncomfortable but I must tell you the one for the male is worse there is a hole at the end for you to pee and if you star to get an erection it is painful because it has no room to extend to its full size I will tell you after 90 days and 24/7 not being able to even let my penis swing was more that enough of a lesson for me. I don't know if they make on for the female that is totally enclosed I have only seen the male on and it is impossiable to masturbate with it on.
    I hope this helps and if your Master or Mistress tells you not to masterbate don't do it. I learned the hard way
  3. raven1083

    raven1083 Active Member

  4. xukgirlx

    xukgirlx New Member

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    I was fitted with one by my previous Master and it is uncomfortable to wear but it definately does its job! And as you will probably find is hell at times lol I think it was bought online x
  5. kissmelater

    kissmelater New Member

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    I am a sex toys collector and i have a chastity belt too.. I love it when my guy use it on me... It really turns me on...

    Sex Toys -"Toys that will make you reach heaven"
  6. Creth

    Creth New Member

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    anyone know of any links to places where you can get a chastity belt online?
  7. babygirl

    babygirl New Member

  8. doomage

    doomage New Member

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    Is there a chastity belt that prevents anal sex as well that can be worn 24/7?
  9. susan j

    susan j New Member

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    I like the Neo Steel the best. The back bar is actually a plastic coated steel cable. It is the best for having to poop while locked in the belt. Other models have a flat bar in the rear with a hole in it, through which your poop must pass. The flat bar will show through pants or even a light material skirt. The cable is firmly within your cheeks and will never show.

    I have worn both kinds for extended periods. For me, the biggest problem with the flat rear bar was having to go #2 through that hole. It works, but takes a long time to clean up afterward. Truthfully, I would rather be locked in diapers and have to keep that mess in my diaper for hours than to have to deal with going through that CB hole and cleaning it up. I am often in my CB 24/7, so having to do a #2 through a flat rear bar hole while at work or other place is a horrible thought.

    At times, I am kept in diapers with locking plastic pants. A form of chastity, but easier to deal with the #2 problem away from home. I dont have to spend an hour in the bathroom trying to clean up. I just keep it in my diaper till I get home.

    So the neo steel is best by far. You can clean the back cable easily after you go #2. and everything else about it is good for LONG TERM WEAR.
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