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    Hello all. I'm new to the boards, so wanted to say hello. I'm a switch in love with a sub, so I spend most of my kinky time as a dominant. However, the last couple of days, she has been humoring my submissive side. I am two days into my first stint of chastity, and I don't know when I get out.

    The rule we agreed on is, for as long as she can, she will get off from cunnilingus, fingering and dildos. I get released for my orgasm the next time those won't cut it and she really needs my cock, and not a second before. And she *loves* cunnilingus.

    Anyhow, my balls are throbbing, and I'm either to stupid or masochistic to try to think about anything else. So I thought I would introduce myself here. Anyone in a similar situation? Any other kinksters in chastity? How did you get through your first week? (I'm guessing I'll be in here at least that long).
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    I am frequently held in chastity. It all began as a wish from my Mistress when She began training me, although the concept has always been a bit of a turn-on and I learn to follow Mistress Taryn's wishes so I could better please Her.

    I assume that you're locked into one of those popular CB-XXXX devices? I occasionally wear my old CB-6000 and yes.... those things can make one's balls pretty sore after awhile. I learned that carrying a bottle of skin lotion with me can be a godsend.

    Let me just say, chastity definitely took some getting used to! While I had a few hang-ups here and there in the beginning, it has been a very valuable tool throughout the process of becoming enslaved to my Mistress/Owner.

    Glad to hear about your situation and, since you posted over a week ago, I hope you found it to be quite an experience!! Please share any details you may wish to chip in and welcome to SMplace!
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    It's been something I loved the idea of doing to a guy for quite some time
    Seems I should have been careful what I wished for
    After much chat and some vanilla meetups next weekend I'm going to have my first real life experience
    And I have been told from Monday I can't touch myself
    Just using willpower, gulp
    And I know he will try and make it even more difficult for me

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