Charlie horseee! helppp!?

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    Tear's have fallen because your gone didn't break my heart but you had to move on. In the sky you are now up on that cloud baby please protect me and baby help me out. I miss you each second of this horrid month you are the Beauty within me and i needed this punch. Now its time for me to move on as well from the earth to you in heaven i bid you farewell. ------------------------------- My ex died reccently at the age of 16 ... im 16 too and last year i lost his baby around this time and this year he died so this poems for him xox;u=24404;u=40410;u=4444;u=17190;u=1737;u=3704;u=3326;u=21119;u=45609;u=14;u=17470;u=23
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