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    well i've been invited to a nice get together with two other couples to play with Champion the horse. well the lady subs get to play and we get to watch. i have attached a link to a website that shows the horse.

    it's a kiddie ride that is turned into a sub ride. in a nutshell, the sub is placed on the horse with her arms tied behind her. then with ankle cuffs on a rope that is attached, her ankles are pulled up backwards to the point of tilting her forward. the rope is placed just above the tail on the horse to keep it and her ankles in place and a quarter is dropped in the machine.

    the horse rocks back and forth and the exposed clit gets a good rubbing, rocking, smashing, and abusing. friend states it does not take long for the fun to begin.

    i've seen the horse and he has changed the saddle to wider in the leg area so her legs gets spread more. he also has a little pad area where the clt hits so different "rub" things can be added to intensify the effect.

    has anyone else tried this in this way? i know women ride horses for the clit rubbing effect and the constant rocking motion. probably doesn't hurt knowing that her steed is carrying a huge cock right underneath her! lol

    i'll let you know how the "ride" goes for subbie. this will only be her second time to show her wares to someone besides me in the BDSM world!
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    You might be shocked at just how unarousing horseback riding is lol. This sounds like a lot of fun though!!! I'd run out of quarters very very quickly!
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    moves pretty good

    the little sucker moves back and forth pretty quick if you've never seen one in action. we'll see the reaction saturday night.
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    Ohhh, very creative - I like!
    I wonder how her weight is distributed. If she can lean forward to distribute her weight rather than all the weight on her pubic bone it would be much more enjoyable. Depends on your intended purpose, pain, pleasure or both.:p
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    follow up

    sorry it took me so long to get back with a follow up. work has been getting in the way plus we have started a BDSM club and that is getting a lot of my time.

    the horse works very well! plus it never gets tired!

    we had to experiment with the way we placed the subs on the horse. if we pulled their legs backwards or pulled their ankles up backwards, it placed a lot of pressure on the clit area and that caused some interesting sounds, begging. it made the clit sore very quickly.

    if we took the weight off the clit area to some extent and allowed the contact area to rub back and forth across the clits, we got orgasms very quickly because of the rocking motion and constant contact.

    we also can add different "rubbing" items to the contact area. fur, carpet, velcro. one of the favorites is a suction cup dildo. ones with contact areas on the clit work extremely well! start small (relative term here) and work your way up to larger sizes.

    all in all we have used the horse several (many) times on the subs and it is a great way to rub them the wrong way and the right way.

    plus i have always felt a sore clit was a very good fuk!
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    one thing that has come from the initial horse meeting is we have formed a BDSM club with 4 other couples. we have had 4 club "meetings" and have found them to be a LOT of fun!!

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