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  1. J zero

    J zero Member

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    ok, i want to start off with saying that i LOVE using chains in bondage.

    i also love to find strong, but breakable chains to use, because i love breaking my chains, but only if its hard to do (i like a challenge) regular thick chains are fun, but i cant break those, so i look for some that are around 5mm thick and steel is usually good for bending, iron is too strong

    does anyone else enjoy being chained to something, and breaking the chains after awhile of struggling? my favorite position is having my arms chained to the floor or wall, and spending an hour or so pulling on them with all my strength until the links bend and break
  2. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    i love being chained on the bed ^^
  3. subspace

    subspace Member

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    Being chained is fabulous, but if I knew that I could break free then it really doesn't work for me unless that was specifically part of the scene.

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    Mmm, yeah, chains are definitely fun ;)

    I've only snapped one once, a tiny flimsy thing that came with a pair of leather cuffs, when I struggled against them to spite and anger my master. The chains we usually use come from a pet shop, linked to the cuffs and wrapped around the headboard or whatever.

    And I'm also very intrigued by a promise he once made, but is unfortunately yet to act on. This being his desire to chain me up using his motorbike security chain, which is extremely thick and heavy. I have no intention whatsoever of trying to snap that one as it's too valuable to him, but the thought of whether or not I would succeed at this, if I did try, is definitely intriguing... ;)

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    Puppy. If you can snap my motorbike chain with nothing but your naked [and rather fine] body, I will give you £5000 cash. :)


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    That's exactly what I mean. I will be fucking amazed if I could actually break it :eek: :D

    Oh, and you know I'm going to hold you to that, giving me £5000 cash? :D Or you could save yourself £3000 and buy me the motorbike I fell in love with today instead... :p

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    That was a nice bike, yea.
    I shall be taking puppy to a big pet shop soon, and we will be looking at, and playing
    with all the lovely chains and toys there. Probably get something. Oh . . . if only they knew. :rolleyes:

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    I can no longer go to pet shops/departments and keep a straight face! :D
  9. J zero

    J zero Member

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    omg puppy you make me laugh so much. your master is lucky to have you :D

    and as for the chains, i defintitely enjoy being chained up, but what is really satisfying to me is breaking them after a long, hard, struggle. thats why i have to find juuuusst the right width so that its strong, but if i use all my force i can bend/break the links.
  10. subspace

    subspace Member

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    How about being bound by chains but not because you are chained to something but rendered immobile due to there weight?

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    i like the feeling of helplessness, if i am tied up, it has to be unbreakable otherwise i feel out of control.

    I know what you mean OLP, once i had an assignment to go to a pet store and try on their collars and take pictures, well as luck would have it, the collars were located next to the staff room and so i got a lot of strange looks...quite embarassing for me :)

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    Hehe, did you get told off/thrown out? :D

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    no but i actually witnessed a staff member there ushering another customer away from me, it took every ounce of control i had to not burst out laughing :D

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    I'm not surprised! :D

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