Ceremonial Carvings (Part 1)

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    Part I

    Serenity by Godsmack played endlessly in the background. A bowl filled with misting smoke sat in front of her, the small red light from her cigaette the only light in the room. A knife, sharpened, sat laying next to her. She picked up the lighter from her left and lit the first candle. North. She lit the next. South. The next. East. The last. West. Setting the light aside she dipped the edge of the blade into a flame. She watched as it licked and kissed the steel in her hand.

    "Give thee thine soul. Give thee wings, send thee flying into the springs." She spoke softly, chanting verses from memory. "Make me ride the soulless nights, give me wings to fly."

    When she pulled the blade away from the flame, the tip was smoldering. She pressed it into her skin, carving Ancient Greek symbols into her wrist; on one side a triceta, the other, a pentagram. Burning skin filtered into her nostrils, the skin quickly scarring from the heat of the blade.

    She lifted up her shirt and pulled it away from her stomach. Heating the blade once more, she carved a sun around her midsection, a soft sigh escaping her lips. She set the blade aside.

    Standing up, she unbuttoned her jeans, undid the zipper, and slid them off her slender hips, the fabric pooling around her ankles. All that was left were her white satin panties with a small wet stain where her lips were rubbing against the fabric, her black t-shirt pulled up above her midsection and the matching white satin bra underneath the shirt.

    Skillful fingers dipped down past the new sun carving on her stomach to just above the dark thatch of hair that inlaid her pubis. Those skillful fingers slipped down, tantalizing her moist lips, every so often touching the swollen clitoris that lay beneath them. A moan escaped her lips as the fingers worked faster, playing with her hidden secrets. Just as a climax was about to ravage her body, the fingers pulled away, causing her to whimper in need.

    "Patience..." said an unknown voice in her ear, "you need to be patient."

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    Part II

    “Patience…†the voice whispered again, “you must have patience….â€

    The girl whimpered slightly wanting to beg to be fulfilled, to be allowed to have her climax to be able to feel the sweet release. She knew this person would not allow for that to happen unless she was to behave properly. The girl attempted to lean back against the person who had teased her to the point of excruciation. When she went to do so, no one was there and she fell backwards and onto the floor. She sat there pouting.

    Suddenly out of what seemed to be nowhere, the girl was blindfolded. Through the blindfold some light flickered through but not enough to be significant. The lights had been turned on in the room momentarily and cut off again with a single spotlight on a chair in the middle of the room. With her sight cut off, the rest of her senses immediately went into overdrive. Every movement, every whisper in the wind, every sound was amplified by the one sense being torn from her. “You have passed the first test young one but to become part of the group, you must survive the council…†the voice was clearly female but the girl could not figure out who it was. Next thing she knew, her hands were being tied behind her back and she was being hoisted up to her feet.

    Her captor stood back and smiled a moment before coming over to the girl and ripping her panties off to leave her with nothing but her bra still on. The wind felt cold between the girl’s legs, her hidden secrets begging for release or for a touch of a gentle hand. She sighed softly and tried to remain still. She felt her captor put their hands on her, their fingers working down over the tops of her luscious mounds, over the fabric of the bra and down onto her stomach. The fingers traced the newly carved sun momentarily sending shocks of pain through her. Suddenly the girl moaned as the fingers found her button. They tipped and swirled and played with it, a torture of sorts to get her complete and close. Two fingers delved beneath the pubis, under the lips and into her. The girl bit her bottom lip to avoid moaning.

    As the skillful fingers played with her, she knew something was about to happen. She became very close to her climax and the fingers stopped leaving her aching for more. Suddenly, she felt hands on her arms and the voice said, “you need to let me guide you to the chair. You are to sit on the edge of the chair and spread your legs for me. I will instruct you on what to do next. I am your master now.â€

    The girl could only nod and her captor smiled. “Good girl. Now move forward.†She felt her captor’s hands upon her shoulders pushing her forward. She sat when pushed down onto the chair. It was cold and hard beneath her. “Spread your legs.†She did as she was told. Her arms were then bound together and on the chair to keep her from moving. “You are not to move from this spot. You are to sit and wait for me.†The voice disappeared and the girl was left wondering what was happening.

    Her captor watched from a two-way mirror, her hands playing with a toy that was on the table located in front of her. Picking it up she carried it in one hand and entered the room again. “Okay, you are going to take this and leave it where I put it. When I release your hands you are going to bend over the chair, keep your legs together and put your hands on your ass and spread them apart.â€

    The girl nodded, afraid to speak. She felt her captor between her legs. Her captor’s tongue shot out and she felt herself being licked. She squirmed a bit but attempted to remain as still as possible. She felt herself being brought close to climax then the tongue stopped. She groaned inwardly and thought ‘how much longer could this possibly go on! I need to climax soon.’ Something soon replaced her captor’s tongue on her swollen clit. “This is a butterfly clip. It is attached to something that I am going to place in your hole before me. I will turn it on the lowest setting. It will be just enough to stimulate you but not enough to allow you to climax.†The girl bit her lip as the toy was slid into her. She felt the vibration start up and she wanted to climax. She knew she could not yet and held it back the best she could.

    “I am going to release your bonds now. Remember, you need to bend over the chair but keep your legs together and spread your anus for me. There is one more thing I have to do before you meet the council.†Her captor went behind the chair and released her. The girl got up from the chair using her senses went to the side, bent over the chair and spread herself for the captor being sure to keep the vibrating toy within her. She felt something cold on her smaller hole, then a pressure of something sliding in. Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, the pressure released as though it were being slid out again. This continued for some time when finally the pressure stayed constant. “I have put a large toy in your ass. You are going to keep it there. I am going to spank you now and you are going to take it. It is going to hurt but it will be pleasurable in the end.â€

    The girl said nothing. She still held onto her ass awaiting more instruction. “You can let go. I want you to stay in this position.†The girl let go and the pressure increased. She wanted to cry out but could not. Suddenly she felt a sharp slap, then another, and another. Soon she began to feel numb from being hit and the position of the hitting changed. At first it was a small riding crop but it turned into a paddle. The voice spoke again, “I want you to stand up. Then you are going to go onto your knees and bend yourself over my knee. I am going to spank you again but it will be with my hand.†The girl nodded and did as she was told.

    Her captor sat in the chair. “Kneel. Now.†Her captor’s voice sharp and commanding. The girl knelt over her captor’s knee. She felt a sharp slap on one cheek then another slap on the other. “I am going to count how many I am spanking you. Each one will be harder than the last. If you last through it all, you will be able to face the council.â€

    And so the counting began. Just as promised each slap was harder than the last. The girl’s bottom was bright red by the time her captor was done. “You have done very well so far. But it is not over yet. The council still wants to see you.†The girl still bent over her captor’s knee said nothing. She could say nothing because if she opened her mouth she may begin to cry. Her ass was on fire, she felt it tingling from the amount of spanking that had happened to her that day.

    She felt herself being lifted away from the knee and being put into a sitting position on her knees. “There is one more thing you must do before you can meet the council. As your new master, until the council sees otherwise, I must get off from you. I want you to make me climax. Do it however you think is best but you must get me off before you are to go anywhere or talk to anyone. I am going to take off my lower clothing and you are to do as you see fit with me.â€

    The girl said nothing. She remained quiet. The sounds of a belt hitting the floor with a zipper unzipping were the only clues. She felt a sudden heat near her face. “Lick me,†said the voice and the girl stuck her tongue out to lick and found lips. She expected to find a hardened penis but surprised to find the soft pubis of a woman. The girl’s hands crept up the legs of her captor to her captor’s inner thighs. She knew what to do. Her hands pulled the outer lips away to expose the swollen clitoris. One hand kept the lips apart, the other slid two fingers inside of her captor attempting to find the sweet spot needed to get her new master off. She got close to her new master and began using her tongue to stimulate her new master. She found that her master was extremely wet already and needed very little prompting for any response.

    Her captor’s knees shook a bit and there were moans that echoed throughout the room. Many gasps of air were heard as well when finally, “I am going to come my little one, make me come. Make me. Oh yes make me.†The girl worked her tongue faster, her fingers stimulating the sweet spot just enough. “Oh yes, yes, yes! Oh god I am going to come. Oh god yes. More. Yes. YES! I am…I am…oh my god I am coming my sweet one, do it yes make me come yes help me yes.†The girl felt a warm liquid hit her tongue which she happily lapped up. She had made her master climax just as she was told.

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