CBT on Bound Rubber Slave

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    CBT on Bound Rubber Slave: Cigarettes, Cock Caning, Electrical, Latex

    After being forced to inhale the smoke from her cigarette, Cybill's slave is subjected to some CBT via the heat from his Mistress' burning cigarette being held under his cock. If he doesn't want to be burned worse, he must endure the building heat on his flesh and not move so the cherry doesn't touch him. When she finishes, she strikes the slave's bound penis with her cane repeatedly, then holds another cigarette beneath his cock, forcing him to strain himself to hold it up and not let it fall on the burning embers, all the while squeezing and pulling his sore balls in her rubber gloved hands. Then she takes the heavy violet want to his cock and calls, zapping him with delight as he jumps and thrashes.


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