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    Ok, I know we all love hot wax being poured on us from time to time, but I was wondering if there's a different in certain candles, since candles differ in the waxes they're made of. What is the best type of candle to use for pouring hot wax on someone? Does the fact that a candle is scented make a difference? I'm used to using non-scented pillar candles I picked up at Walmart, and they were ok as long as we did little bits at a time and made sure the flame didn't singe the wax before it dripped. Do colors make a difference either?
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    OMG where to start?? There is tons of info on this, and yes most everything about a candle makes a huge difference. Usually the softer the candle the lower the melting temp is. I have found that a big factor is how high you hold the candle as the wax is dripping, lower= hotter and more intense higher= a cooler drop of wax when it hits. Start out holding the candle as high as you can, and lower it as you can tolerate it....

    Here is some good info on wax play….
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    Thanks for the info Dark.
    Its funny how Taper candles are listed as burning hotter -was the type of candles I used with my ex- And to think I was scared of the Glade candles Master has in his house -laughs-
    Looks like its time for some wax play then with Master -grins-
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    I CALLED IT!!!

    Yeah, so I gt punished, and he pours a good amount of wax on me....and I didn't even talk to him about it first. Kinda funny how I called it
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    i had been tpld that there were certain kinds of candles that should and shouldnt be used - app they dont burn as hot - does anyone know about this either - hmmm i'm curious now
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    actually the candles me and master have been using are working very well. They're "mondo bello" aromatherapy candles. I'm not sure what type of wax, most likely paraffin, they're made of but it has a bit of an oily after feel. Very soft wax, melts quickly, perfect for wax play. And they smell awesome!
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