Canadian Web Mistress Seeks Male Sluts (Newbies welcome)

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by Mistress Zoe, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Mistress Zoe

    Mistress Zoe New Member

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    I currently own a stable of 6 sluts, and am looking to add 2-3 more, so I haven't got time for timewasters. I'm a young, attractive, strict mistress seeking devoted subs that are prepared for training. Requirements: absolute obedience, a good webcam, a good digital (or phone) camera. If you are a young man seeking guidance and interested in accepting your rightful place in society (begging at the feet of a goddess), you may read my terms of ownership and decide if being my slave is what you need (hint: it probably is).

    The terms of ownership are as follows:

    Body: You are owned by me now. Your body belongs to me, and you will behave accordingly. You will masturbate only when you have been given my express privilege. Every time you are physically aroused (have an erection) you will report it to me, explaining why and how it occurred. Further restrictions will be placed based on slut's level of training. These restrictions may include: daily wear of an anal plug for a minimum amount of time, urine control, chastity, daily personal mortification, daily sexual mortification, etc.

    Communication: We will communicate a minimum of twice daily to simulate full ownership from a distance.

    Assessment: Once you've accepted the terms of ownership, I will require photos/video of your nude body to see where you are at physically and what kind of physical training will be required/ideal.

    Tasks: Once a week, I will send you a list of 5-15 tasks from which you will have to choose a certain number to complete in that week. Evidence of task completion will be required (photo/video). If it is your prerogative, some tasks may be completed live over webcam. These tasks act as the principal form of your daily training and will require significant self discipline. Given that we will be operating from a distance, if you are not prepared to accept my word as law, you may wish to look elsewhere for dominance.

    Performance: As my slut, you will do all that is in your power to amuse me; You will perform a minimum of once weekly for me in a cam show. This show will be the moment in which your weekly performance is evaluated and will serve as a means for me to train you live in various aspects of submission. If you perform well in this show, you may be rewarded with a photo of mistress, the right to masturbate and cum immediately, one free masturbation and ejaculation during the week, etc. Any disobedience or bad behaviour will be punished during this session.

    I reserve the right to demand you get on cam if I am in need of amusement. In these instances, you will humiliate and mortify yourself in the hope that I will appreciate.

    Tribute: I do not require tribute.

    If you accept these terms of ownership, you may contact me either at, zowhat on kik, or mistresszoez on skype. I look forward to watching you sluts compete for my attention.
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  2. subdoni

    subdoni New Member

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    Mistress I new to this but want to be owned by a women like u
  3. Slave Boy Beats

    Slave Boy Beats New Member

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    I am a young 18 year old male from Ottawa Ontario and I need a mistress for I am to free and need your restriction
  4. indiano

    indiano Member

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    I would love to be your slave, but unfortunately twice a day I did not get. I can only at night because during the day I'm at work.
  5. Mistress Zoe

    Mistress Zoe New Member

  6. Mistress Zoe

    Mistress Zoe New Member

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    A new position has opened itself up; I am once again accepting applications.
  7. Mistress Zoe

    Mistress Zoe New Member

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    A new position has just opened up. If you are interested in applying, contact me on kik messenger: mistresszoez or by email:
  8. SIlverAsh

    SIlverAsh New Member

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    sent you an email
  9. ImYourNewSlave95

    ImYourNewSlave95 New Member

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    Dear Mistress Zoe

    I hope you are still looking for a male slut to join your stable. I made a profile just to put in an application with the hopes that you would grace me with a reply. I'm willing to adhere to your strict guidelines and solely follow your word and demands. I'm 20, and 5'5".
  10. s.h

    s.h New Member

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    is there still a position miss?
  11. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden New Member

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    where are you from in canada?? plz

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