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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by rudy78x, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. rudy78x

    rudy78x New Member

    I've got a fetisch that might be a bit strange. I'm a grown up man and i would love a woman to (play) rape me. Is this odd? WHere can i get my dream fullfilled?:eek:
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Rape fantasies are very common in bdsm. Gay men act them out quite commonly, sometimes complete with abductions. With a male sub and fem dom it's trickier, unless you're the sort of guy who could plausibly be overpowered by a woman. If it's just you and a femdom, probably the best way is to have her using a fake gun or knife and threaten to 'kill you' unless she gets what she wants. Or maybe she 'drugs' you and ties you up and then uses you. There are certainly femdoms who would play out a scene like that. My suggestion would be to put up a personals ad on a bdsm-oriented site like Fetlife, or so on.
  3. Demotep

    Demotep New Member

    This seems to be common, though I admit that BDSM in general seems to me to be out of the norm. But whatever. You have the desires you have, I have this one as well. You can try talking to your partner if you have one and let her know what you want. (I have always had a lot of trouble doing this, so don't take me saying it as me thinking it is easy. It is not)
  4. VeryInteresting

    VeryInteresting New Member

    Ok, now when you say (play) rape how far are you willing to go? You could probably find a dominatrix to do it for you but there would probably be no sex afterwards. This can be stimulating but for people like me getting off while you are toyed with is the entire reason. I understand it can be hard to find an open partner sometimes. My girlfriend is 10 years older than me and had never been tied up in any relationships before. We got to know each other a bit & then I slowly introduced my bondage side. She took it in full stride. Many women will do what they have to in the bedroom to make a man satisfied. Truth is 9 times out of 10 that if men are fully satisfied in the bedroom then they are generally more satisfied every day. It started with a simple blindfold & a pair of handcuffs. Now she is so great she is playing off of my likes. For instance I have tied women in other relationships but their uneasiness made me feel uncomfortable to and that's just no fun! My girlfriend & I now practice bdsm on a regular basis. She loves the way it gets me off. When I tie her up now she moans like she wants to go free. She purposely drools as much as possible through her assorted gags. I also play off of her likes as well. For instance she likes humiliating me. I would never have thought that I enjoyed it so but let me tell you, I do. Now she makes me put on her lingerie because its something she has found she likes. I never had any butt play before & now she fucks me with dildo's & butt-plugs. Truth is I think you should find someone who has some of your interests & see about exploring them further. Most women will tie a man up if he finds the courage to ask. However a good RAPE fantasy. Would have to be done by a woman the has a wild side & has enough in her not to break character. Hope this helped.
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Very's right about the not breaking character issue. Non-doms will tend to want to break character to make sure the sub is ok or to laugh to release the tension they're feeling. The darker the scene, the harder it will be for a non-dom to stay in character, I would think.
  6. mickey-mause

    mickey-mause New Member

    I think this is not strange at all. but dont know were you can find someone...

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