Can Anyone Help Me Out Here?

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    Hello everyone. :3 You can just call me Crazy if you like~
    I'm here because my partner and I--I use the term "partner"
    because they are technically a male but wants to transition,
    but that's a different story!--really really really wanna
    get into the BDSM scene...but there's a slight irregularity.

    We're both, hardcore subs. :c I really hope that
    I can be a good dom for her--I've done it softly a few times
    and saw how much she loved it and I really want to get into
    it. I just feel so bad when she asks me to do things for her,
    like hitting or biting her, because I don't want to mean. I
    understand that it should be about her, not about me...but
    it's just hard so far.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: Can anyone help me?
    Can any doms out there give me advice as to how to be a
    good dom--at least enough so her and I can be switches?
    She deserves to feel good--I should get to be the "good girl"
    all the time...but I don't know how to go about domming her
    without getting upset and meeeeeeeehr. (I have anxiety so
    when I start to get upset about something it takes a physical
    toll on chest pains and whatnot.)

    So advice would be great. :3

    Thanks so much for reading~
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