can anybody help me?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by ap31198, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. ap31198

    ap31198 New Member

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    please advice :
    what type of security we should take while doing selfbondage ?
    thanks in advance .
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  2. KBSoftware

    KBSoftware New Member

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    Hi, the biggest piece of advice I could give when doing self bondage is safety, safety and safety. There are many ideas on how to do self bondage, putting a key to a lock in water and freezing the water etc. always test the mechanism(s) before actually trying it out.
    If possible have a safety net, maybe have someone who knows what you are doing that day, who has a key to your house/apartment. Then that person could call you at a pre-determined time, if you don't answer the phone then it's assumed that something went wrong and they could come over and help you.
    I could probably write book on just safety, if you are unsure about the safety of some technique then don't do it, better safe then sorry.
    Google self bondage and you will find tons of links to self bondage and safety.
    Also for novices it's good to start slow, easy self bondage that you can easily get out of quickly. You might be surprised the level of emotions you might go through if for a self bondage you use one of the key in ice techniques. You might even panic which could turn into a safety problem real fast.
    So go slow, do a few self bondages for a while and when you feel comfortable enough increase the level/techniques until you can with confidence try one of the more advanced techniques like the key in ice and not go into a full blown panic attack.

    Now here's a nice link, there's a menu on the left side. This site has a few self release devices you could easily build, and a few other ideas for self bondage.

    Wiki on self bondage including the dangers

    And finally this site is has some information about crossdressing and self bondage, use the links on the left to get to the self bondage information.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. karl_meier

    karl_meier New Member

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    here in Germany they found a man hanging in ropes from a smal bridge in some latex-cloths ... "autoerotical accident" ... thats what they call it in German police-report *gg*
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  4. raven1083

    raven1083 Active Member

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