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    Hey all. I'm new to this forums and I am looking for a cage but arent finding much online so I came here for some help. Me and My girlfriend got our own place, and money is tight, but we are looking for a cage to increase out bondage fetishes.

    We want something that you can either stand up ( atleast 6.5' feet tall) or lay down. Kinda like a rectangle. It can be used either way.

    We also want something that you can take apart easily and store.

    We are also looking for (if available since money is tight) a payment plan to help pay the cage off. I know Ive seen a few cages like what I'm looking for online, but alot have been over seas and they will not ship to the USA..

    I wouldnt mind getting one made custom, but like I said, I'm in need of a payment plan. Just wondering if any of yall know where I can get one online, or if you recommend someone.

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    Hmm. The requirement that it be taken apart is gonna be tough, I think. The cages I've seen that were decent are all more or less permanent. Does it need to be metal? What about building one out of wood--that way you could unscrew it or whatever.
  3. BondageFreak

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    well it doesnt HAVE to come apart. I have seen some they do.

    What are average prices of cages about 6'5 feet tall. Or just the box (square) ones.
  4. BondageFreak

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    Check your PM box..

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