Brutally tortured and violated

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    Laziva Stars tolerance is pushed to the limit in this video of pain, suffering, humilliation and sexual domination. She is totally naked and tied up to the table, with red bondage tape, which is indestructible, no matter how strong she pulls or struggles, and the position she is leaves her very stretched and with very little room to move. And she can't stop me from kissing her body and sucking her boobs, or when I tickle her armpits and ribs, or when I hang ice cubes from the rope above her and torture her nipples and body, or when I spray cold water over her helpless body and all she can do is scream and cry in agony, or when I whip her flesh with my belt. Even worse, I take advantage of her helpless situation and play with her crotch with my fingers, masturbating her, forcing her to have an unwanted orgasm, and then I violate her with a bionic dildo, penetrating her vagina, pushing the machine all the way in, making her scream in pain. And I pull it back and push it in, slowly, making her suffering unbearable and forcing her to have another unwanted orgasm. After this she is totally beat, and as the camera goes off I get ready to do whatever I want with her.


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