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  1. RS1981

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    I've discovered recently while watching porn that bruises turn me on. Not crazy huge bruises, just little ones. I don't want to sound like a potentially abusive asshole, but that's why I'm asking here. Is that too extreme of a turn on? I realize it can become a liability, but I also know as long as I can trust my pet it's fine if it's done safely and consensually. She likes the idea of being lightly bruised as well. Is anyone else turned on by this? I wasn't sure if I should put this question here or in the safety section since it's technically not a question regarding safety.
  2. Doctor

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    I don't think it would be abusive if it is truly consensual. Different things turn on different people for different reasons.
  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    As long as she wants it. Just don't hit her face, that can do a lot of damage. And try using something to bruise her, it's a bit more controlled than fists if you use something thuddy instead, in my experience.
  4. RS1981

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    We actually discussed and experimented so she does want it. She has a flogger but I think we need one with thicker tails or maybe a crop, hers has very thin tails so it's better for a sting, and has potential to break the skin which isn't our goal. Of course I'd stay away from her face, for a few reasons. First as you said it's dangerous, second, it would be impossible to explain it away without sounding bad, and third, we're mainly turned on by bruising to her tits, ass and thighs.
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  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    A crop would be good, or, to experiment, something like a thick strap or belt, heavier than they usually are.
  6. submissivegf07

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    i don't bruise easily, and that bothers me, not only my dom turns on by bruise, me too!! i was upset few times when my butt was just rosy pink but not purple >.<
  7. cosita

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    if it turns on both of you, then go ahead and enjoy it!

    my dom and I like it two....actually I think it's quite common :cool:

    so what about a good bite?
    it always bruises me ::wagging eyebrows::
  8. pepeluism

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    You can get really bruised without causing long term damage. I get turned on in general with marks of all kinds. My doms mostly get turned on from beating me. Not sure any of them actually cares about markings.
  9. SlaveMaster357

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