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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by My Love My Lord, Nov 1, 2009.


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    So, Im curious as to how many people enjoy bringing some of the more subbtle toys out in to pubic.

    I for example am lucky in that My Lord allows me to wear His leather belt that He uses to whip me. This is a belt that He NEVER wears, but, make no mistake, it is His belt. lol There's no way that anyone else could ever know what it is as it is just a basic belt, but, we both know and it makes us smile when He sees me wearing it.

    Does anyone else have anything else like this that is a public item but hold special meaning?
  2. bigwillmanc

    bigwillmanc New Member

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    my prince albert piercing i have in from time to time if that counts
  3. chalice

    chalice New Member

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    occasionally He will give me something special to carry. For example, one morning he gave me a river rock as a gift to carry around all day in my purse/pocket, etc. I'm very tactile so he knew I wouldn't be able to keep me hands off of it. When I got home he had a little wading pool ( like a kids' wading pool- don't laugh :) full of the rocks. And I had my first experience with a cane on top of those rocks.

    As a side note- we use the rocks all over the house in decorations an such and no one is the wiser to their meaning of course.

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    OMG! I love the rocks idea!!! That sounds like something I would do... hehehe
  5. chalice

    chalice New Member

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    you have no idea- they pick up your body heat beautifully and they are cheap cheap cheap. They're also surprising soft too. I love finding bdsm in ordinary objects. Its funny, you look at the world a whole different way after a while. Suddenly things like wine corks and such take on a whole other personality:D.

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