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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Samuel, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Samuel

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    is there any Master who had experience with hanging up his slave by her tits? Is it dangerous? What does he have to watch for to be careful of, anything that
    it will not bring any harm to a slave? I will be very grateful for any information/articles/ideas that wll give me a clear answer.

  2. MisterFenix

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    I can not give a clear direct answer, because every slave reacts different, ofcourse also the weight and size of breast is important.
    First of all I think you mean hanging by a rope, ofcourse hooks is also a possibility, but then you need experiance and a real pain slave.
    If you take the rope not to thin ( otherwise it can cut to deep) and wind it arround your slaves breast tight, so it will stay in place, then you can her, but I would advise to stop when they are getting blue for more then a minute, ofcourse this also depend on the slave.
    ;-) allways good to start and go further everytime, the more enjoyable for you both ( or others who watch)

    Good luck and keep us posted about the results!!

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  3. gunnphiter

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    The size of the breast, the size of the rope, and the weight of the slave, along with her tollerance for pain, all play a big part in suspending a slave by her tits.

    Sometimes adding a crotch rope to help distribute the weight will help.
  4. KinkyPink

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    You gotta learn that live from someone with lots of experience. What ever you do: don't go trying on your own, if not done right the risk for permanent damage is really big.

    It's like those stunt flicks, professional performers - don't try at home.
  5. KinkyPink

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  6. sirtithang

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    As a Master who has performed several breast hangings, I will say there are many factors that play into into the act. First and formost is SAFETY. That being said, trust, training, and knowledge come next. Breast hanging can be pleasurable for both the Master and slave if done properly.
  7. ickle_cat

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    my dom was looking to do this, he has experience in rope bondage and suspension and the sub he wants to do it on is experienced and heavily into pain. she was nervous about permanent damage to the breast tissue (ripped fibres etc.) and i posted a while back asking if anyone knew cases of this. is it safer to have a slow suspension on more of a pully system? any word from someone who is experienced in this would be helpful
  8. Dark McArthur

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    You have to be so careful doing this as if you pull the breast tissue away from the chest it can be extremely painful and difficult if not impossible to repair. Perhaps supporting some of the models weight with another part of the tie is an option at first, or if you are intent on doing it, do it incredibly slowly with a very light model and be careful about her circulation.

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