Breast flogging/whipping

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Feb 12, 2010.

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    My master and are considering giving this a try, but don't know much about it, with regards to how safe it is, and so on :(

    So, is anyone able to give us some safety tips/advice, to help us decide whether or not to go ahead and try it out?

    Cheers :)
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  2. WmaGuy

    WmaGuy Member

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    We used a very small multi-tailed whip...Kind of like a cat-o-nine for the purse.... ;) As with everything we tried for the first time, patience and increments were the key. I find that twirling the flogger slow, gently and rhythmically - moving in slowly gets things going. I then add speed/intensity as things warm up....If your master is tuned into you, he will see where your limits lay....I have a close friend who's master was not that tuned in and the damage was permanent - mentally and physically...
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  3. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    What WmaGuy said.

    Also, if you have larger breasts, I'm sure your partner wants to keep them as healthy and perky as possible. Heavy hits (slapping, or single tail tool) can cause breakdown of connective tissue, especially on a loose breast. A wrap of the base of the breast (or a breast enhancing tie) can make them more sensitive, but less prone to deep tissue damage - but use multi-tail whip or a small rubber strand flogger that stings but doesn't damage. For the scene and effect have him hit it with the last 4 to 5 inches of the flogger. For more stimulation, use the last 1 inch. Be patient and don't let him be drunk. Your face is much closer to your breast than you think.
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    No, my breasts are actually really small. That was another thing that I was worried about, that smaller breasts would be more prone to damage, as there's less cushioning :confused:

    I don't want to do anything too heavy; just something that will sting a tiny bit. And I'm still not very good with pain, so will be wanting to keep it relatively light until I decide whether or not this is something I can handle receiving :(

    Cheers for the advice, both of you :)
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  5. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    Olp, try a pillow case. lay it out flat and roll it up so that the long axis is a roll. Hold one end of this and use it like a flogger. It won't provide more than a little sting but it will tell you if you like being flogged. (Almost all BDSM subs do!) If you enjoy it, then you can invest in an inexpensive flogger. Breast size really hasn't much to do with it, Underlying pectoral muscle, upper back muscle, buttocks and both front and back of thighs is prime flogging territory. Anywhere the body has provided nice padding. One should not flog the middle (abdomen, lower back). Too many vital organs too close to the surface. The liver, spleen (front), and kidneys (low back) do not tolerate hard blows well.

    Another low cost alternative is to buy several pairs of suede boot laces (72 inch or as long as you can get.) Fold and then cut the laces into 20 to 24 inch lengths, then wrap tightly with medical tape or equivalent to make a 6 inch handle. This makes a short whip that stings a bit without damage. It should be just right to tell you whether you'd like more.
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    Grey!!! Last summer my mum kept finding shoe-lace packaging in the rubbish bin and kept asking me why I needed to replace my boot-laces so often :D
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  7. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    Haha! "Geez mum, they just seem to wear out so quickly. I guess they don't make leather as well as they used to..."

    Or could it be that it takes 4 or 5 pair of 6 foot laces to make a nice short multi-tailed whip?


    BTW Puppie you'll want 12 to 18 lashes or 'blades' on your little whip. I made one of these 5 or 6 years ago and still use it on a fairly regular basis. I used a piece of rawhide lace (suede is too soft) to make a hangman's knot (with extra windings) to create a nice attractive handle. It's held up well.
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    Cheers Grey :) Maybe we'll try the pillowcase idea this weekend, and see how it goes :)

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