Branding my slave-1

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    My husband, has been working secretly in the barn for weeks. Friday evening he announces that he is finished with his project, and wants me to come see his work. In the far corner, he has built a wall and placed a door with a small old fashioned window, just big enough to peek through. My curiosity mounting, I ask what the window is for, I get no answer. He takes me by the hand pulling me toward "the room". At the door he stops and tells me to put on this blindfold, so I would be surprised, and tells me not to take it off until he says to. He guides me through the door and tells me to stand still while he gets a few things in order. I hear wood squeaking.. and metal clinking... the faint aroma of new leather. The room is hot and I'm beginning to sweat, and I ask if the surprise is ready yet.... I get no answer. He then pulls me a few feet, not saying a word... he takes both my hands and raises them shoulder high, then I realize there is someone else in "the room". The other takes my hands roughly placing them on flat wood, the wood squeaks again and my head is forced down until it rests on something hard, then I feel the closure... my head and hands are trapped in wood! I try to pull free, but its too tight. My husband tells me not to try to get loose, it would lead to severe punishment. I question what he is doing, and his response is a large piece of tape across my mouth. Is that the camera I hear??
    The contraption holding me begins to push me down, and then I feel something at my hips, something solid, but rounded-out to encircle my hips. A piece comes down across my lower back holding me tightly in place. I'm being forced to bend over. I hear the camera clicking again. I begin to cry, silently... Without a word, both ankles are being wrapped in hard leather and my legs pulled apart. My thighs are then cinched tight with wide leather bands to the contraption holding me. The other voice says "can I do it?", .... I feel cold metal gliding up my legs, "snip", then up my ass cheeks, "snip". The digital camera clicking in the background...
    I feel curiously excited, "How far will this go"? I ask myself. My shorts fall to the floor, and hands rub my ass. The device begins to move, shifting backward to lay me out, face up. My feet off the floor, suspended by leather straps, head and hands gripped tightly by the wood, completely immobile. My husband growls "it's time to shave that pussy smooth, the way I want it". The scissors snip a few times, and I feel my pussy getting hot and wet, more with each snip. I hear the shaver start up, buzzing toward my cunt.. The vibration nearly makes me cum. Cold water then splashes across my pussy, and shaving cream smeared on. And the straight razor goes to work, I can feel the occasional cut that sends my pussy throbbing.... The camera keeps clicking... The other man asks, " can I be first?" And the device is lowered back to the bent over position... I hear a "zip" and jeans falling to the floor... "is he going to let a stranger fuck me??" Hands grab my ass, and a huge, hard cock rams into my shaved hot pussy. I groan, half with pleasure, half with pain.. soon, he's pounding me, hard and fast... He stops.. before I know it, hot cum is pumping all over my face, my cunt left hot and throbbing and nothing in it.
    My tank top has been the only thing between me and totally naked, it now is being cut off, and my tits now hang freely. "For asking if the surprise was ready yet... this is the answer" A sharp pain on my nipples that soars through me making my cunt throb ... "be a very good little slave, and this will be permanent" he had attached clips to my nipples with small weights to pull them down. "now, look at that long, thick hair, it's shameful, its all a mess, in your face and full of cum, and I've always hated that hair! We really need to do something about all that long hair, and you will look much more like the slave that you are becoming, without it". The tears well up in my eyes, trying to shake my head "no", squirming and trying to pull loose of my bonds.. it's no use.
    " Now, this is for trying to get loose, don't try it again". He pulls a handful of hair around the front of my head, " make sure to get a close up picture of this" he says, and the scissors touch my scalp and slowly I feel the hair being cut off as close as he can get it.. "ahhh, beautiful, and all on film" the locks of shorn hair are placed on my back and ass...
    " Now, cut off all hair with cum on it". Again the scissor blades are close to my skin, right at my forehead, then at my temples, each time slowly cutting so I can feel the hair coming off, then the locks are brushed over my tits, and then my ass, finally laid across my back. The room gets silent, the door squeaks open and slams shut. It feels like hours have past, my cunt dripping wet, completely unable to move, my pussy shaved, and some of my beautiful, long hair cut off.... What else could he do?? Why is he doing this?
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    2nd part

    Voices.. how many, my husband, and 1 or 2 others?? Maybe 3? My heart starts pounding.. the door opens " Oh shit, that's beautiful", " How long has she been there?" "Is this why you wanted us here"? 3 different voices, each asking questions.. my husband reveals his complete plan to them...
    "This is my new slave, she's in training, an indoctrination, sort of. We'll each take turns for a while, then all at once.. what ever you think a slave should do, I'll leave it to your imaginations, everything and anything is ok, just no mercy, no matter what. We have until Saturday night to break her, and then every weekend you can come out to keep her in line" The guys all agree to the terms, and then one asks, " who get the first shot"? My husband says " I do", and you take the pictures, and you run the video". My husband grabs my ass, slipping a finger to my pussy,
    "you're all wet, my slave likes this, guys, I knew she would". He plunges his cock deep in my pussy and then pulls it out, with my legs cinched in tight and hips secured in place, he places several fingers in my cunt then wipes my asshole, his cock finds its way to my asshole, " now, this is what you should expect whenever you're naughty" and he forces his hard cock into my tight ass, the pain almost makes me pass out, he pounds my ass with no mercy, tears stream down my face from under the blindfold. One guy say's " hey, your slave is crying" My husband says, " No crying is allowed, slave. You need to be disciplined, you'll learn to take everything we do to you without crying". Soon, I feel the cold scissor blades run across my back, and over my tits.. "If you keep this up, you'll be bald by Saturday night". And "snip, snip, snip" more hair is shorn from my head, not so close this time, but it feels like a lot... I suck it up, and quit crying.
    "Can you make this stockade-thing turn over"? asks one of the men. And the device starts moving, creaking and
    squeaking and laying me back, face up. The weights clipped to my tits shift pulling them to the side. A tongue starts licking my smoothly shaven pussy, darting in and out, then a large, cold, hard object is thrust into my pussy. The vibrator is turned on, and taped to my legs to stay in place. " I want to fuck that ass" the stockade is rotated back, and quickly a hard cock is in my ass, fucking me hard.. " Go look to see if she's crying again", unfortunately, I was.
    My husband says "You WILL be bald by Saturday, I can see that now.. but that is how I want you anyway.. I want to cut off all that hair, lock by lock, then take the shears to it, nice and close, then put the shaving cream on and shave it smooth as silk". I hear the men muttering sounds of delight. But first, a bit more discipline...
    Since you seem to enjoy all this attention you're getting, I think you should remember and savor this weekend, forever. It's all on film, but that's not enough, there are 3 more things...
    The door slams shut...The vibrator still on, I cum several times before the batteries quit.
    After hours and hours, I fell asleep only to be awakened by the men coming back. The smell of alcohol reached me before they did. "Turn the cameras back on, we don't want to miss a minute of this", says my husband. First he removes the blindfold, before my eyes have time to focus, he grabs me by the hair on the back of my head, and "snip, snip, snip" letting the hair fall in front of me so I can see it, a huge pile is on the floor, he pulls the hair off of my back adding it to the pile, " How do you like that, slave"? He reaches down and removes the vibrator, sliding his fingers into my cunt... " that's what I thought.. you're all hot and wet, time to get fucked". For the first time I could see the men who had been training me, one of them a county deputy sheriff we knew, another is a friend of my husband from work, the other a complete stranger to me. All fairly good looking men, built nicely, but all have a cruel look about them now.... As he slams his cock into me, he says "the first reminder of the weekend you became a slave... the man form work stepped toward me. " a present for the slave, gold nipple rings for you to wear, with golden chains to tether you with". The stockade was tilted back, a large dildo was rammed into my pussy, the man from work pulled off the clips from my nipples, taking one nipple and squeezing hard, he called for the tray of tools he had brought. He reached from the tray a long thick needle that looked like it was for leather working, he aimed carefully, and slowly began pushing it through.. the cameras came in for close-ups, as the needle went all the way through, he then looped through a golden ring with a short chain. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I knew I was in for more discipline. This time, the deputy stepped up, with a baton in his had, rapping it into the palm of the other hand, he said, " your husband wants you to know jailhouse discipline, slave. The female prisoners get it like this.." In no time, I felt the baton breeching my asshole, slowly at first, then more forcefully, until he had fully penetrated my ass.. Standing in front of me, he pulled the dildo out of my cunt and started fucking me. Just before he shot his cum, he pulled it out and blew it all over my face... It was hot and dripping down my face and neck, some had landed on my tits...
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    The guy from the shop came back into view, he was ready to do the next one.
    " Don't you like your new jewelry? It looks so good on you, and it keeps you just where we want you" He pinched up my other nipple, stroking it a few times, then poked the huge needle through. The other gold ring and chain were now in place. Bleeding only slightly, the stranger stepped forward, licking the blood from my newly pierced nipples with purely wicked delight. My husband stepped forward, scissors in hand, lowering the stockade, and said, " I can't stand it any more, it's all coming off right now, all that nasty, long, red hair, in just a few minutes you are going to be so ugly that no one will even look at you twice, except to notice how ugly you are. Get the mirrors". The guys rolled up 2 full length tilting mirrors, and placed them so I could see every move, front and back. He began grabbing small locks, and chopping them at various lengths, putting them down on the floor in front of me, the pile grew as he worked. With every snip, more of my beautiful, long red hair was being taken away, piece by piece, every ounce of my femininity being thrown on the floor in front of me, and my husband and his friends enjoying every minute. The cameras were busy, click after click, snip after snip....
    He worked a lot on the hair at the back of my head for a while, getting the thick long hair down to the scalp, he then asked the stranger.. " is that enough?", He came over to look and said, "yes, do you want it now, or after" My husband quickly said, "now".
    He took out a bic razor and I could feel him pressing hard against my head, just in one spot, going over and over it, about half the distance across my head. "That should be enough for now" he said. Next, a buzzing sound that I had never hears before, and sharp pain at the back of my head where he had shaved it, A TATOO, he's putting a tattoo on my head....
    My Husband watched with glee as the man tattooed "SEX SLAVE" on the back of my head. "This is the second thing to help you to remember this weekend and your place in the world."
    Now the stranger came forward again, and ripped the tape off my mouth, and said, "Do not utter a word, suck me and like it" he pressed his cock to my lips, and at first I was reluctant to suck him, but then a "smack" on my bare ass from a paddle prompted me to open my mouth, letting him slide his cock in. With my head secured, he fucked my mouth and down my throat, making me gag and wretch, he just kept going until he shot cum all in my mouth and all over my lips. When he pulled out I spat out his cum, "oh a feisty slave, 10 smacks for her" the deputy was happy to oblige, with a belt. The belt stung sharply with each smack, but my cunt got hotter and hotter, pussy juices began to run down my legs.... Maybe I like this slave stuff, I thought.....
    Next, the guy from the shop grabbed the scissors, pulling a thick lock of hair tight, then slowly closing the blades, I could almost feel every single hair being taken off, I watched in the mirrors.. sorrowfully as I became as ugly as my husband said I would. It was ragged, and all different lengths, no hope in it being fixed, even if they stopped now.. They kept going, all of the now, each with scissors, clipping bits and pieces here and there, and each taking turns fucking my mouth, my ass, and my cunt... I guess I was really becoming a sex slave, just as my husband said he always wanted.. even though I thought he was kidding..
    The men all stopped to take a break, leaving me there, hair shorn form my head, looking at myself in the mirrors, my ass aching, my cunt on fire, my tits with gold rings and chains, and a tattoo on my head labeling me a sex slave forever, and I think I'm liking it....
    After a while I began to wonder what the 3rd thing to make me remember might be... It wasn't long before the guys came back, having drunk more, and probably smoked some.. they said they were ready... Ready for what??
    The tool tray came out again, as I gasped.. another piece of tape was placed across my mouth. The shears wear plugged in and turned on with a evil "snap", my husband said " this is it slave, its all coming off now, like it or not". He put the clippers to my forehead and made the first path all the way to the crown, the hair falling fast, down to the pile on the floor.. I guess this WAS it, I was going to be bald. I finally reconciled that fact with myself, and began to enjoy it, my husbands delight in shaving his slave made my cunt scream for cock.. and got it, plenty of it. I've never been so "fucked" in all my life.. As the hair kept falling, I watched in the mirrors, as one side of my head was completely shaved, I thought I was going to cum without a cock in me. Suddenly, my ass was spanked, then again, then again, and a cock slid in my cunt and fucked me hard, I came about three times... The stranger had a huge cock, and I could see him in the mirror behind me, he took the clippers and started shaving the nape of my neck, there was still long hair left in spots, but he made quick work shaving it to nubs.. and he continued to fuck me the whole time. One guy left the room, and returned with a long stick of some sort.. Something smelled hot. My husband says "this is the last thing to help you remember this weekend, slave" and from behind me, the man raises the stick and quickly brings it up to my ass, excruciating pain!! I'm BRANDED! on my ass cheek, I'm screaming beneath the tape across my mouth and attempts to get away are futile, the smell of my flesh burning fill the air, and then the man removes the branding iron, and splashes my ass with water, and says
    "they you go slave, you are branded with the mark of shame, forever!" My husband briefly admires the man's work, then continues shaving my head.. He whispers in my ear, "you'll never forget this weekend, ever". The other 2 men come to see the branding, each complementing my husband for such creativity, stating they want him to help make their wives sex slaves. He agrees, and says " this one's not done yet". He calls for the tray, and gets the shaving cream and straight razor. "Now for the final touch" He begins wet shaving my head, until at last its smooth. " Now, she's a slave". i loved that word slave. i loved the attention i was getting. i was then dragged by the chain to the front yard and then was kept their chained with the grill for public display, while my masters were having their drinks and playing bridge in the balcony. i was feeling proud being their property. i knew that i was going to get four other slave sisters with very recently. waiting for them.....
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    what do you say friends.. shall i go for the other four ladies different ways? shall i go for the sequel?
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    absolutely. I'd always encourage you to write more.
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    Yes, yes! More please!
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    So...... what was she branded with?

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