Boy for online humilation

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by princess.tara, May 30, 2010.

  1. princess.tara

    princess.tara New Member

    I'm Tara, and I love to tease little boys until they cry! I'm spoiled, just like I should be. You should drool over MY perfection, worship and be hypnotized by me. Kneel to the Princess, you can't fight this!

    if you are a whiny little boy who needs to be put in his place, you need to apply. I'm not looking to even see you in person, that's how worthless you probably are. I want to taunt and tease a "man" online.
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  2. Boosh1069

    Boosh1069 New Member

    Boy for online humiliation

    I'm not a whiny little boy. but Im 18 and wouldnt mind you humiliating me
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  3. muslim.cuckold

    muslim.cuckold New Member

    im little white boy im 19
    iam totally sub for u
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  4. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    lolz i like people like tara :) hope you'll get your little whiny boy
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  5. subpig

    subpig New Member

    i'm a whiny little white boy. i will drool over You as You make me Your worthless bitch. i need to be put in my place every day.
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  6. slaafe

    slaafe New Member

    I'd love to join your online humiliation.

    Princess Tara,

    I'd love to find out what kind of online humiliation you've got in mind. I'm not a whiny boy yet as I love my independence (yet fantasize about submission to women... go figure), but once you get done with me.... who knows?

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  7. yolane.dominik

    yolane.dominik New Member

    make me tour slave
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  8. intell89

    intell89 New Member

    i am u sub
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  9. SubmissiveMaleSlave

    SubmissiveMaleSlave New Member

    Princess Tara. I am a whiny little 18 yr old boy who needs to drool over your perfection. Please put me in my place!

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