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  1. wabbits

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    Girls bound with rope that cuts circulation

    Here are some links and a free clip for you all to check out all feedback will be greatfully recieved.

    This is a great little clip
    This is our life we spend our time thinking of different things and perversions to do.

    If you are looking though our clips etc check out Diplomats Daughter aand chinadoll really great.

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  2. wabbits

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    Play thing of the day:D
    She became very obedient after much training.

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  3. wabbits

    wabbits New Member

    love some feedback!!
  4. KBSoftware

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    Loved the photos, haven't download and viewed the video yet but it's on my list.

    I especially love the very first photo 1191.jpg I think. There's just something about a slave bound spread eagle and face down that just does it for me.
  5. wabbits

    wabbits New Member

    Thought you might like this then

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  6. wabbits

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    more pics

    Added this nice little gallery here
  7. wabbits

    wabbits New Member

    A few more to check out. Capture and play with cloroform baby:p

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  8. wabbits

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    love this clip of Joy

    Check out this clip of submisive Joy as she talks about what she loves about being dominated and submisive and how she loves her gag.
  9. pictkr

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    Is there a site that lets us look without having to pay for premium or get .ru or RAR software.
    Does no one make windows media or Quick time player vidoes any more?
  10. I do like that. Quite a lot. Spread, face down is quite appealing. :D

    Do you ever use a pillow, or something under your tummy to boost your bottom up in the air a bit?

    Keep it up!
  11. wabbits

    wabbits New Member

    Have just the pics will post soon you will love.
  12. the idea of cloroform.....does this smell like cloroform to you baby?? hehehe :D:D
  13. wabbits

    wabbits New Member

    here are some nice little pics. :)

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  14. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

    Nice pics, lovely sub.

    thank you1
  15. wabbits

    wabbits New Member

    Thanks she is fun to subdue

    Have a lookat our tour free clips

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