Both sub and Dom(me) should expect respect from the other.?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Rahul, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Rahul

    Rahul New Member

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    Do you all really think that in a D/s relationship, respect for each other is important?. And again do you guys really feel that a sub can expect to be respected by his/her Dom(me)?
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Yes. If the respect isn't there, the relationship can (will) turn into abuse, the sub's limits won't be respected, etc. I can't imagine a situation, even in a casual just-for-playing relationship where a lack of respect would be possible or safe.

    This question makes me kind of queasy.
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  3. Rahul

    Rahul New Member

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    I agree with you @smallest. I feel respect is the eagerness which creates a soulful sensation of love, trust and faith to accept the other person as an ideal. It’s an urge to devote oneself to the other withfull of dedications, not only mentally but even spiritually. It’s an unconquered feeling which permanently occupies in one’s heart and creates a sense of honor.

    In a BDSM relationship….the only properties that plays the vital role is RESPECT…. Many of us living this lifestyle gets confused and finally ended up making a wrong statement by saying “why do I need to respect my sub as they have to be on my feet as a worthless creature?”….. And again I have heard someone said “I don’t respect my Dom as I did a favour in giving hima chance”… this irks me a lot. It’s like they treated this lifestyle just as a game where it’s full of sexual pleasure, fantasies and Eros. There are people who cannot come out their stingy thinking and not able to welcome this lifestyle with a wide arm as they are none other than just a nymphomaniac and satyriasis. So for them respect is far far far away from the reach and allended up in getting up in a scene and ended up with intercourse.

    The relationship of a sub and a Dom should be with full ofintegrity. They should be humble and loyal to each other. They should have courage to face each other’s emotions and sentiments. Unless both are involved in some serious sessions no one is at top/bottom. Both are equal and has equal rights to express and reacts.

    Now why and what kind of respects a relationship between a sub and Dom expects.

    As I stated in the earlier part, it’s an urge and eager that makes each other an ideal. It’s a mental attraction which starts with love then trust/faith and finally ended with respects for each other.

    A Sub and a Dom should respect many things of each others.

    1. They should respect the feelings for each other.

    2. They should respect their desire to serve each other.

    3. They should respect their every aspect of their social life as well as their fetishes.

    4. They should respect their every limits (as we are all human beings, not necessary we are limitless)

    5. They should respect on a whole as a god’sbeautiful creature and not to be treated as a lifeless or feelingless object.

    6. They should respect each other’s ego.

    7. They should respect each other’s body and mind

    8. They should respect each other’s drawback too.

    There are still many more things where both the lives involved in this relationship expect them to be respected and to be treated as aneternal soul.
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    Do you mean respecting them during play or for realsies? My play partners have done things to me during play that seriously scream disrespect... But in reality, outside of play, they are some of the most respectful people I've ever had the pleasure to meet to the point where I actually prefer kinky men over vanilla men almost solely for that reason.

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