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    i posted a while ago about wanting books that mentioned subspace. i've been reading different loving on someone's suggestion as a result of the thread, but i was wondering if anyone knew of any books or journals, newsletters, articles, basically anything published (even websites) that had a specific reference to subspace.

    i'm hopefully doing a project next year for my psychology degree and i don't just want to write "subspace feels like..." and then put down personal experience as my reference!

    any help would be much appreciated!
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    Unfortunately, there's been comparatively little scholarly research on BDSM. I recently heard an NPR interview (the show was To the Best of Our Knowledge, IIRC) dealing with the role of pain in religious practice--flogging, mortification of the flesh, and so on, and I was struck by how much of what the author was describing sounded like BDSM. So that might be some research you could use. The title might have been Sacred Pain.
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    yeah. if there was any scholarly research i'm sure i'd have found it by now!

    i've found one description in a paper, so it's not TOO bad.

    i'm more thinking of maybe a page on a website, or maybe one of those introduction to BDSM books having a section on subspace and what it feels like or what to do as a top/dom if your sub is in subspace.

    don't really want to buy the whole book for a chapter that doesn't exist

    thanks for the recommendation of different loving though, it's a really great read :)
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    Robert Darnton's book on the illegal books of pre-Revolutionary France has a chapter that might be of a little use (and it's old enough that it will be in any decent college library or available through ILL). Bear with me a minute as I explain.

    Darnton is interested in censorship in 18th century France. One of his three categories of censored books is pornography, and he includes a lengthy summary (as well as substantial excerpts) from the most popular censored pornographic work. In this book, a religiously-devout young woman is seduced by her Franciscan confessor. When she kneels down to pray, he lifts her skirts up to expose her butt and begins whipping her. She begins to experience sexual ecstasy but thinks it's religious transcendence; then he pulls out his 'relic' and fucks her. At the end, she's oblivious to what's actually happened.

    When I read this description, I was struck by how much it sounds like subspace. The terminology is different, but it's clearly a description of what we would call subspace. The whole scene is described by a witness peaking through a hole in the wall (voyeurism was clearly a major fetish in the 18th century), so we don't really get her explanation of what she's experiencing. But you might take a look at it and think about using it. And, as straight porn goes, it's pretty hot.
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    This may be the same thing, what about books about psychology of dommes and submissives?

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