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    On several occasions over the last fortnight, I have displeased my master several times; not intentionally, but due more to clumsiness and forgetfulness :(

    However, despite this, I have been unable to escape punishment.

    Last weekend, following my misdemeanors, I suggested for a joke that I write a list of all the things I did wrong. I don't think my master thought I would do this, but within several minutes, all my 'crimes' had been written down, and he decided that I needed to be corrected (see my description of this in the 'first spanking' thread).

    As I was punished for each crime, I had to tick it off the list. Then, once all punishment was dished out, I had to write 'all punishment recieved and understood' at the bottom of the page and sign it. My master wrote something too, 'all punishments given' or something similar, and he signed it too.

    Over the last week, I have done a couple more things wrong; not intentionally, but I am told that these must be written in the book and dealt with promptly. So I would imagine that the 'Book Of Crimes' is likely to become a permanent fixture in our games :D

    It wasn't humiliating for me to write the list of crimes, as we weren't in our roles at that moment. But when it came to ticking off the box as each punishment was carried out...fuck. That was so awful, and yet so exciting, at the same time. It felt as though everything had gone up a notch, and I loathed and loved it, all of it. And if I'm forced to write down the next lot of crimes, under the watchful eye of my master...I am so excited, and yet so scared, because I know a painful beating is going to follow... ;)
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    Sounds like a wonderful idea and a wonderful arrangement. Hope you enjoy having your backside warmed!

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    I personally think its a wonderful idea OLP. It will be a progress chart almost of which crimes you repeat the most, letting your Master know which lessons werent learned. I think you will come to take lots of pride from having less things written, days that have none, etc. Great idea! :)
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    Hmm, you all like that idea then :)

    I'm thinking now about getting a proper book with a pretty cover for this, and put a formal introduction as to the book's purpose on the front page, and then date every punishment, putting something like 'crimes committed between this date and that date' and then 'punishment given on this date' sort of thing. Make it all formal, and proper :)
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    i like the idea, I'd like it more if it was a blog, and the punishment was listed with each, so we could all watch as the punishment for repeated offenses escalated...
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    It's not so much about the punishments, really. More the humiliation factor. And something like this, I feel, gives our master/slave games a new level of intensity.

    For example, the first time there were 4 crimes, whereas there were only 2 this time. And writing them down was a completely different experience too. In the beginning, it was more of a jokey thing, so I felt really cocky, like I had full control. But this time, being ordered to note my crimes made it more humiliating, especially with my master stood over me, carefully scrutinising what I wrote. I felt ashamed, humilated, and felt this strange desire to hide. It was so intense that as soon as I had finished writing, I started crying.

    This humiliation, being forced to feel this way, just makes everything seem more serious, makes me feel more like a 'proper' slave, as it were. And although I enjoy the spanking and flogging that constitutes my punishments, it's the humiliation which has the greatest effect on me ;)

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    Hmm...I didn't realise that this book had gone missing until I dug it out of the cupboard yesterday! :eek:

    I told my master I'd found it, and he seems keen to put it back to its intended use... :)

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