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    OK that got some peoples attention!!
    Just wondering about the longer term effects on breasts
    For example paddeling/caning kind of impact play or nipple weights - and dropping the weights and stuff
    Is this going to speed up the process of floppy puppies like spanials ears :)

    and are there any other dangers to be worried about - obviously this area is a fair bit more sensitive and made up of different structures than the rest of the body

    Just kind of thinking out loud because a hard limit I have deff decided on is no permanent changes - I was meaning things like tattoos and peircings - but I am thinking do i really want saggy boobies as a reminder of an ex relationship! If that is a likelyhood
  2. sebastian

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    This is in no way an answer to your question. The title just reminded me of an incident in which straight friends of mine insisted that, as a gay man, I was not saying 'boobies' properly, and taught me the correct way to say it. Apparently, my pronunciation was ok, but I wasn't saying it emphatically enough. Evidently there is an invisible exclamation point at the end of the word.
  3. Zandar

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    As there are no bones supporting "the structure", the main influence on your boobs going south is gravity. The more you help gravity, the quicker they will go south.
    In other words:
    The heavyer your boobs become, either because of natural size or because someone decided the to attach a few ounches of weights to, the quicker they become floppy puppies.

    On a general note:
    Keep in mind that a lot of you lady's also have a big negative influence on the speed their boobs are going south simply by using the wrong bra or using a good bra to long. I cant remember the exact figures, but some recent study showed that over 70% is using the wrong sized bra :eek: . Some of you actually think that bra you have been using for 2 years actually still helps.

    How quick things will go is different from person to person.

    ... and yes, I am a male, but since I like what I look at I try to keep track of the basics to keep it that way.

    O... and for the Dutch readers of this topic:
    The first 1:15 of this movies fragment about a (former) Dutch news reader was the first thing I thought of after reading the title of this topic. "If you have it flaunt it".

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    I love that a guy knows the importance of a good bra that fits right... Everytime I wear a sports bra, people freak and tell me the same thing. I've got to fork out $50/bra in a dept. store, because big box stores don't carry my size.

    I am unsure as to the impact of nipple weights, however... I would think that they would not make that big of an impact, depending on how often you do the nipple weights and how long you wear them. 30 minutes every other week or so wouldn't really hurt- but an hour per night would probably do some damage!

    Oh, and here's what Wikipedia says about tit torture... Not much about weights, though.
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  5. Smallest

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    Impact play shouldn't be too bad (although Tall recently told me of someone with hematomas or something else terrible from too much impact play, that's not to do with sagging). As long as you're not damaging any glands or ducts (which you obviously don't want to anyway), it shouldn't affect sagging.

    Weights, on the other hand, depend on the weight, amount of use and so on. Some people are into intentionally causing/speeding sagging, but of course playing with it now and then rather than constantly won't have that effect.
  6. JettOnly

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    Thank you guys. Makes sense :) Bunny, I agree static weights not used that often and not that heavy prob wont be an issue. I was concerened about dropping weights as well - but in reality I dont think I could take any clamps strong enough that I wouldnt be dropping the weights before they were really doing damage
    And smallest - thankyou yes I was wondering about impact play as well - not that I enjoy that at all so if it happend in the future then it will NOT be anywhere close to dangerous

    and I think you will find it is pronounced BOOBEEEESS!! or thats how the guys I know say it :)
  7. Zandar

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    Bit offtopic but anyway...
    ... and for the girl version... second 0:35 in this fragment. ;)
  8. Aibo

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    Your breasts could get stretched just as you think, yet as long as you're not of any advanced age. Your skin is flexible and will pull back in if its allowed to do so. My ex had dogears for a while, but after she started to use a tight bra they got a really nice shape again.
    (With higher age the breasts or any body part will at first take longer time to get back in shape, and when really old might not to so at all - think 80 years or older. )

    And there been even weirder ideas around, my mother (who were a masochist) had the notion that impact play and clamps could cause cancer. I explained to her many years ago that it was not any risk at all.
  9. RopeRanger

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    An import rule of thumb for breast play is to keep things “skin deep.” Any damage that is deeper can easily cause problems. Circular clinching by wrapping a rope around the breast can quickly cause circulation problems and lead to fat necrosis. Limit circular binding to 15 minutes or less. Watch for color changes, tingling and skin that’s cool to the touch. Some other dangers to be aware of include Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Fibroadenomas, and Mastitis.

    Impact play; flogging, etc. of the breast using downward strokes should be done while the breast is supported - by a hand, etc. The breast can easily be torn away from the chest wall resulting in an extremely painful and difficult to repair injury. Any impact that results in bruising should result in Fibroadenomas.

    Nipple clamps and weights can cause circulation problems and the nipple can easily be torn or damaged resulting in loss of feeling do to nerve damage. Because nipple clamps can significantly limit circulation they often cause numbness very quickly (at least while the clamps are on) so it is important that the dominant partner limit the time they are on to aroudn10 minutes and be observant for color and temperature changes.

    Breast suspension should only be only be done by those how have experience in suspension techniques. Done correctly the breasts are not actually supporting the body. The rope wrapping around the body provides the leverage for suspension and the breasts are only compressed due to the angle of the body and proximity of the hoisting rope to the breast bindings.

    Now that I’ve made it sufficiently scary sounding…the reason I know these things is because I find breast bondage very enjoyable so I’ve made sure that I understand the risks. If you follow the same rules that you would for any binding play you’ll be fine. Keep in mind the breasts and nipples have no support structure. Start off slowly and simply; apply a healthy dose of care and respect; and don’t go crazy with caning or wraps that would cause your breasts to turn purple.

  10. Don_of_Iniquity

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    Why not?
  11. Smallest

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    What do you mean?
  12. JettOnly

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    Ranger, thank you so much for that advice, that is totaly what I was looking for.

    Don - I guess you mean why dont I want my breasts like spanials ears? Simply because I love them, I enjoy showing them off, I like them perky
    I know gravity is going to get me - but I dont want to hurry it along too quickly
  13. Dark McArthur

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    I do breast bondage shoots on a regular basis and there is some marvellous and useful advice in these previous posts. Sometimes I find a little tape, hidden under the rope helps distribute the strain and stop any circulation loss.

    Oh and I repeat what roperanger said (excellent post btw) support the breasts at all times and keep it skin deep. Also watch with needles etc on the nipples if you're ever intending to breast feed in the future I wouldn'T recommend it..
  14. prnwtchr

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    Boobies is one of favorite women's parts and my too!
    I like big boobies!
  15. Machinegunnicky

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    Thanks Ranger! Very Helpful post, was wondering about this myself, thanks everyone for the info!

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