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  1. dark eye

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    After having been humiliated and stripped in front of the camera, forced to show her nude body to all the interested people....

    it is time now to confrontate her with real bondage ànd suffering...


    After stripping her complete nude, I tied her hands upon her back en made her also a nice breastbondage.

    I also blindfolded her, so she couldn't notice what would happen to her

    I tied her legs on each side and placed her upon a wooden bar.

    After a couple of minutes, she began to fight against upcoming orgasm.

    It was my pleasure to capture this moments on tape.
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  2. rtrm2

    rtrm2 New Member

    this is very hot ! i hope you made slave suffer for a long time
  3. peepingtina

    peepingtina New Member

    sexy. love the breast bondage.
  4. anal-dildoer

    anal-dildoer New Member

    Nice bondage on tits!
  5. biggar

    biggar New Member

    This lovely mature lady has clips @ if anyone is interested.
  6. fisher3d

    fisher3d New Member

    good slave slut

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