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  1. jakelive

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    Hay all.

    Just wondered if anybody out there know if you can get black out contact lensis. Ie to make the person wearing them blind without any obouse device.

    Thanks. Jake
  2. L8NightQ

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    Find a custom place like 9mmsfx and custom order them. Be ready to pay.

    Why?????? What's your thought process here?
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  6. Sparrow69

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    blindfolds slip, ones that don't are bulky and add weight to the head. contacts would allow a person to be unhindered and still blind, with no light transference.

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    Plus, there's the added benefit of versatility. Blindfolds couldnt be worn in public without attracting attention. Contact lenses could be used in virtually any setting without anyone noticing. It could add an interesting dynamic for discrete play or punishment.
  8. jakelive

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    You got it in one.

    Can't beleave that nobody have had this idea before. Would be very strange feeling for the person wearing them potentialy terrifying.

    Jake x

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    Jake, I would be very interested if you find something like that. While Ive never seen it before, I agree, it could be quite fun. Please keep us posted if you find them!
  10. Martello

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    There are MANY "standard" costume contacts that leave you totally blinded. Ones that make your eye appear all black as well as ones that mimic an actual blind eye. They're typically $150 a pair and so on but that seems to depend on style.

    I would like to add, this is one of the most amazing and imaginative things I've heard so far if not THE most. The mental play behind the sensory experience with add so much!

    Someone give this man a medal!
  11. sillylittlepet

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    There are also lenses called "occluder lenses" which are painted just like the eye colors, and they block out vision. They're usually used to help with lazy eyes or something else . . . sorry, I don't remember what. You'd have to get them through an ophthalmologist.
  13. Martello

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  14. jakelive

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    I could think of a few better ideas than a trophy or a medal. :)

    I'm going to continue my search for them.

    Loads of realy good ideas of what you could do with a subject

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