Bi-Slave looking for Online RP and Domination

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    and thanks for stopping by here. I am 36, live in Dublin, and am looking to have fun with somebody online. I am new to this site, but not new to the lifestyle, i would say i'm quite experienced but still like to learn new things everyday.

    I live two lives in one body, and both of them work well together.
    In life number one, i am a happily married man, living a happy life, and a very interesting sex life as a bottom as well.
    But in life number two, there needs to be more of that. We both have given each other the permission to look for online (and online only) fun to satisfy our needs with other people.

    Sounds strange, doesn't it? But it is the way it is, and we like it like that.

    Now, what am I looking for? Almost everything is possible: Online/E-Mail Domination, role plays and chats, ...

    Just two things upfront (just to have them said): This is for fun only, although i want to get a kick out of it as well, and so should you. it will NEVER affect my personal life in anyway. And number two: I am not going to pay for it, so spare me the professional contacts please.

    If I find a perfect match here, it's great. If not, well ... doesn't matter that much.

    I am a dutch native (hence my english might not be that brilliant), bi ( i like both men and women the same, also in real life) , and a bottom, better said a slave. Have been all my life, and always will be. I like to be treated quite rough, but I want you to respect my limits. Without exception.
    I am no timewaster, I do not stop answering your emails after one week, and I do what I'm told to. Because I get my kick out of it.

    So if this strange request might be something for you, I am more than happy if you contact me. If not, sorry for wasting your time.

    And No, you can't tie me to the bedpost and fuck my wife ... ;-) at least not in the real life ...
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