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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Foreverbunny91, Nov 23, 2011.

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    So someone had kind of started a thread like this, but it was for first times. I want to know the best time you have had... Preferably BDSM related, but vanilla sex can count too... And I know a lot of folks don't have sex with their sub/dom, but your best session with them works, too. Please still every little detail:) I will post about mine later when i'm on my computer, because posting from my phone is hard., lol
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  2. JettOnly

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    Well I dont have much to go on at the moment but I will share a time that stands out from the weekend
    Hope it dosent sound to tame to you all

    I am randomly claustophobic, I have no idea what or when is going to set it off
    Earlier in the day K had put a hood on me - I totaly freaked out and started hyperventalating - so he got me out of there - but informed me we would work on that later

    and we did
    Later in the day, when I was very sore and sensitive from all the attention after something we had been doing that I dont actually remember but by this point my hands were cuffed behind my back and atached to my leg, he asked me to trust him and popped the hood on again
    Right away my breathing started freaking out and he held me and talked me tru my breathing
    Then he got me to lie down on the floor
    again when my breathing started freaking out he placed his hand on my chest and waited for me to get my breathing under control

    Then he started dripping hot wax on me
    I was so sensitive by this stage that it was about the most painful thing I had ever done
    I was crying and wimpering and so far into my own head I could think of nothing else but it ending - didnt care about the hood at all

    Then came the ice
    omg that was bliss!! and he even took the blindfold bit off the hood for a little while which was just so amazing
    blindfold back on but I was enjoying the ice so much it was not a problem at all
    a little fear as he made to push icecubes inside of me (just because I have never done that before)
    then followed by the vibrator - by now I am loving this hood :)

    I am told to stand up - without dropping the vibrator - with my hands and legs bound
    Its a struggle but I manage
    Hood is removed and I am left standing as he lies below me finishing me off with the vibe while grinning up at my helpless-trying not to collaps in a heap - ness then when I cant take any more he stands and holds me to him till I get my legs under control

    I know it dosent sound much, but it was a major head fuck for me. Added to that I have never done anything like this weekend, and this weekend was also the first time naked with each other or anything as well
    and I dont trust people, and I deff dont cry infront of people or show any weakness ever
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  3. popygai999

    popygai999 Active Member

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    An interesting topic to read, but here's to talk about their "adventures" there is nothing
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    @JettOnly: Wow!! I would have honestly punched my boyfriend in the face if he did that to me, but that's because it would NOT be consensual. So not reading-this-makes-me-hot-and-bothered type story for me, but the amount of trust and ability your partner has to control your psych is amazing.

    How do you both have so much trust?? And didn't you get turned off by the hot wax? (I'm sorry, I do not understand pain play, so please forgive my ignorance.) Or was it more of a "This is lame, but something else better is going to happen if I wait," or teasy kind of thing? Excuse my curiousity...

    Uh, and tame? Hmmm... If that's tame, my story is just shame. LOL. Two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I had decided to get a hotel room then have some drinks. (Hotel room = since we both live with snoopy mothers, drinks = for my sex anxiety which started 2 years ago after my tilted cervix started causing me issues and I had a point where whenever we started foreplay, I'd have a panic attack, and then we worked on it, but it's still there.) He had let me call him Daddy, and spanked me a little and what not, but we'd never really gotten into it as much as I would have liked.

    So after some other sex, we have a few more drinks and I ask if we can please RP, and he says "About what?" and I ask him to be my daddy. He hesitantly says OK.

    So we got a lame start. He walks in the room and asks why I'm still up, and we have some lame dialogue. Knowing that he probably wants oral sex but is scared to assert that on me, I ask if I can have some candy. He takes the hint, and is so shocked that is oral-sex-aphobic girlfriend goes straight to it:) Then we start doing more... I can't remember the exact details, because A. It was 3 hours long, and B. I was drinking.

    So he eventually takes the lead- making me comfortable with what we're doing by switching activities every few minutes and making it pleasurable by building up my sexual tension by making me give him oral then doing some vaginal sex, but still ultimately doing what he wants with me and making me feel like he's in control and using his little treasure for his pleasure;) At one point in the beginning I had somehow hinted that it was OK to grab my head while I was licking his candy and push it up and down. Feeling so loved and so used and so controlled and as if I was doing something so wrong felt SO GOOD.

    Then when we were having sex and I moaned too loudly, he gently put his hand over my mouth and said "Shhhh... You're going to wake up mommy." I feel guilty to admit this, but yes, that was one of the best parts. Also along with everything came the endearing names and "Daddy just loves fucking his little girl."

    I bit him a few times and he punished me by spanking me and sticking fingers and his penis in my rear... Then he told me I was a good girl and had sex with me. (BAD idea, I know, but I didn't feel like caring at the moment- I was his to do with whatever, and whatever he didn't think about, wasn't on my mind.)

    Lame explaination of what really happened, but FINALLY being able to get that part of me satisfied felt so good- I was absolutely beaming with happiness after that:) I'm looking forward to him feeling more comfortable punishing me (yelling and hurting me is a no-no normally as I was taught by my mother that's NOT ok for a guy to do and it always means something bad), and of course the next time:)

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