Best Gag for Silencing?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Foreverbunny91, Jun 6, 2012.


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    So, I actually NEED a gag for non-kinky purposes. Whenever sex gets good, I scream bloody murder. And now that I've actually TRIED a vibrator (I didn't think they would work and didn't understand why people use them), I screamed REALLY loud and my boyfriend ran into the room asking what was wrong. LOL!! But we've got quiet hours in our apartments and have already gotten two noise complaints (whoops)...

    So my question is, what is the BEST gag for silencing someone?? Homemade, store bought or otherwise.

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    In my experience the best gag for silence consists of wadded cloth because it absorbs the scream. Other gags (like ball gags) are really just for show. The best ones have big holes in them to allow breathing, but that just allows sound out too.

    You need to be very careful with a wadded cloth gag. The cloth is "breathable" at first, but when it gets wet with saliva it's a lot harder to breath through it. So your nose is your only option - and if that gets blocked then you can have a serious problem.

    The other thing is that stuffing a person's mouth with cloth can trigger a gag reflex, and you really don't want that to happen!

    But it sounds like you would not be tied up when gagged, so you could remove it yourself if there was an issue.

    In that case you need to find a cloth that can be properly cleaned, but that is big enough to "fill" your mouth.

    A thin teatowel can work - it is actually an advantage if some of the cloth is spilling out of your mouth because you can just yank on it in an emergency.

    Also, if you share laundry facilities in your building then a teatowel is perfectly innocent.

    If you cannot stand the thought of cloth stuffed into your mouth, then wadding the teatowel over your closed mouth might work, and securing it with something.

    Even so...if the noise you make is a "moan" then these can carry pretty far - even through a wadded gag.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Contrary to Hollywood depictions, gags don't really silence the wearer. They muffle sound somewhat, but don't eliminate it. As Stanley mentioned, stuff gags probably work a little better than things like bit gags or ball gags, but stuff gags are also the most risky kind of gag, for exactly the reasons he outlined.
  4. edjixxx

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    Well, if gags are ineffective, maybe trying something outside the box may help. A quick search of some online stores selling BDSM items exclusively shows some mouth gags that cover your mouth, with different ideas, like a ball gag, inflatable, penis gags for the mouth and so on. What if you tried something like slapping, or something of that sort. Maybe in combination with the gag?

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    Thinking outside the box is a good idea.

    But I assumed that Bunny wants to be able to do this solo :)

    Does your boyfriend have a motorbike? If so, and he has a full helmet, you could wear that and it would muffle cries a bit.

    One other possibility. If you have a duvet on the bed, fold it a couple of times, and slide your head under it when you masturbate with the vibrator.

    I shouldn't think there's a suffocation risk - unlike a cloth gag the duvet will allow you to breath even if your face is pressed into it.
  6. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    What about something like a cloth tied over her mouth, after a ball gag, so she already can't enunciate and there's something there to muffle it further?

    Stanley speaks true about duvets. I don't think one (or blankets in general) would be enough on it's own, but I always use my hitachi under all the blankets and it goes from VERY LOUD to a bit loud (capitals to make you read it how it feels). So they would help a lot, I'm sure.

    A stuff gag is indeed dangerous, as Sebby and Stanley have said, and if you're alone, it is less dangerous because you should have your hands free, but more because there's no one there to help you.
  7. edjixxx

    edjixxx Member

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    Anything that could restrict the airway would be an extreme concern, IMHO. Anything like a stuff gag that's cloth, or something that's loose, I could see a rare possibility, and I'll stress rare, and a small risk, of inhaling sharply and deeply. An errant cloth piece, or a string, could be inhaled far enough into the airway to catch the vocal chords. That could possibly have disastrous results. Like I said, it's a very rare, very small chance, but it could happen. I'm not all that vocal, and my wife can stifle her sexual acapella abilities fairly well.
  8. intermaster

    intermaster New Member

  9. edjixxx

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    Intermaster, I think the issue is she's having problems with noise rules because of her vocal expression of pleasure.
  10. thinmint7

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    Hey! Maybe try putting on the music and taking a shower, possibly it will just come off as horrible singing.... Or i used to live in a crazy packed house and i utilized my car for exactly this reason (noise). Otherwise i agree muffling the noise is probably your best bet. Good luck! :))
  11. subarama30

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    Wow. You must be REALLY loud!

    I just scream/moan into a pillow or bite on one as I have kids in the next room so don't really want to impose the psycological trauma of THAT conversation just yet ;)
  12. RopeRanger

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    A surplus gas mask from Amazon would run you $20-25. You can breathe but your vocalizations are muted.

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