Being tied up…?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by My Love My Lord, Aug 26, 2009.

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    I see a lot of people talking about being tied up. I hear that for many subs, it’s often so they know that certain things truly are out of their control, providing a release of sorts… While my lord has on rare occasion tied me up, as a general rule, he does/will not. When I ask him about it, he doesn’t feel the need and at times has seemed very displeased at the thought. To him, it seems to imply a lack of control of the situation on his part; that the ropes provide a release that he can’t. This thought does not appeal to him in the slightest, on the contrary, really seems to offend him at times. To make it more interesting, the rare times he has tied me up were occasions where he did not whip me…

    I’m curious as to if any other subs have similar experiences, or how other master feel about tying up their subs…
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  2. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    My master ties me up, because I like the feeling, and when he does he will usually shout abuse at me,(in his sexy Russian Accent ^-^) or slap me, he has even spit in my face a few times and tells me I am under his mercy, and I can't get out, and he can do what ever he wants to me, but forces me to beg for him. He usually wont lay a hand on me unless I beg for it. He loves when I beg. (I can't beg to get out of things, only for him to touch me, he has me beg for whipping somtimes)

    You should try that. If your Master will try tying you up, but simply tease you, and have you beg for him, he might feel he has more control, and enjoy it, and you can still enjoy the feeling of being tied up and at his mercy.

    Hope that made sense.

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    Makes perfect sense, unfortunately, I am not permitted to beg my lord for anything. The most I am permitted is to pout, and maybe whimper, if there is something I really want. LOL Anything other than a simple “Please” and I find the palm of his hand quickly across my face. Of course, this does allow me a very easy means to provoke him when I want. ;-)

    He will frequently remind me that I am his and that I will do whatever he wants, but, that I will do it because he chooses to have me do it, not because ropes or a gag force me to at that moment…

    Believe me, I’m not complaining. My lord is absolutely wonderful to me and is a perfect match for me in every way. I’m just curious if anyone else has a master with a similar aversion to having their sub tied up.
  4. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    I used to be interested in rape fantasy (obviously i dont want to be really raped lol) my Master did it once with me, because I promised him I'd do somthing that at the time (it was early on in our relationship) was out of the question for me, but he told me rape is the absense of control in his mind, because how can he have control if he has to physically force someone

    He says he is obviously bigger than me, and so can over power me, but with out mental control he has nothing. So I think it kind of goes along the same lines, but he likes to tie me up so he can smack me around while I am completley helpless, and beg for him to do degrading things to me.

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    That's exactly what it is. He is definitely stronger than me, and has no problems reminding me of that either, :rolleyes: but, it's definitely more about forcing me to willingly submit to him.
  6. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    My Master is just sadistic and likes slapping a young girl (me..young as in in legal, lol) while tied to his bed. lol

    Not that I favorite is when he slaps my stomach and I have his hand print there :)

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    Sounds like you have a very enjoyable master...

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    I like to be tied up but Master doesn't do it very often. He says I should be able to control myself enough to keep still without having to be tied up... He is right of course, but I love the feel of it. I dye silks and I even made us special scarves to use but he just isn't very interested. :( He does keep me in line other ways though! :)
  9. Malelesbian

    Malelesbian New Member

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    I absolutely love being bound up. What's really exciting is being bound up for long periods between "use" and placed in a closet or some such place - that can be extremely relaxing therapy! :p

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    Hmmm, never had the opportunity to try that Malelesbian. Sounds really interesting though...

    PPP - I have some wonderful leather wrist and ankle cuffs, that seem to never get used... I like the idea of the silks though.
  11. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    I like doing leather cuffs and ropes. It's a ritual that heightens anticipation. Subs seem to have much stronger orgasms when restrained. The total abandon with which one can strain against the confining devices during forced orgasm play.... Wow.

    The Hitachi wand secured into place while My Girl is tied standing spread-eagle and blindfolded. I walk around and randomly riding-crop her ass, thighs, breasts, etc. She been know to nearly flip the bowflex machine. That's no easy task considering how stable (and versatile!) the Bowflex is for restraining someone. I LOVE B&D.

  12. subspace

    subspace Member

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    I absolutely love being bound but Top dosent do this as much now as we did early on in our relationship. Being bound were some of the very first things we did, nowadays I am almost always restrined but it is by his body, either his hands or just the weight and position of his body holding me down. His current favorite though is using my tshirt while he is behind me, twisting it around his fist until it is close to ripping and digs into my body and then pulls on to control my movement.
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