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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Sashalust, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Ok so I figure I would talk about something that happened with my and my husband last night as it was something that was out of the ordinary.

    He had fallen asleep before since I was up writing late on the computer, it was like 4 in the morning when I finally decided that I needed to go to bed since the kids were going to get up early and therefore I would have to as well. I crawled in bed next to my husband, gave him the usual kiss on the forehead that I do and snuggled close to him, tired and ready for sleep.

    He rolls over so I now have his back so I kiss him a bit on his shoulders since he enjoys it and well I felt like I needed that contact with him. He made soft murmurs in his sleep like I knew he would because he enjoys it when I do that to him. I had expected that to be end of it when he reached back and began to caress and fondle by body a bit then suddenly he was pulling at my sweatpants and tugging at them.

    The aggression was very arousing to me and as I tried to help him with my pants he pushed me over onto my stomach, yanked my pants down and thrusts so hard into my already wet felt amazing. From there he proceeded to give me a good hard fucking and I will admit that I was loving every moment of it, having to struggle to remain silent so as to not wake anyone with my moans.

    Then he pulled away and I thought he was done and I was going to have to sit and suffer with a need till morning, but I was in for a pleasant surprise as he then flipped me over onto my back and proceeded to eat me out. It was wonderful as I came the hardest that I have to date....probably from the roughness and aggressiveness. I was being dominated and I was enjoying it quite a bit....especially when I was made to roll over onto my stomach again and he began the hard fucking of my pussy again.

    Here is where it gets a bit weird and where my enjoyment of being dominated ended or more so changed.

    I don't like anal....but I allow my husband to indulge in it with me because I want him to be happy and its part of my submission to him. However in his current aggressive mind state I was not prepared for anal and was not happy when he tried to anyway. I will say that I got a thrill when he told me not to fucking move, but being unprepared for it and not really wanting it made me clench and well it hurt...a lot when he tried to force himself into me.

    I used my larger size to an advantage as I put an end to the whole thing.....

    Though it was fun to start I could not really fully allow him to just Dominate me....I just could not do that since it was not something that we planned on which would let me get into the right state of mind....rough sex is one thing but just letting him take complete control is another thing when it comes to me.

    This was just something that I wanted to share and see if anyone had any thing similar happen and wanted to talk and share.
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    I've got nothing similar, but interesting story... did he get punished for it? :D

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    Sasha, the experience you described has happened to me more times than I care to count. Two different guys from my past used to love forcing themselves into my anus, showing complete disregard for the fact that I don't really like it. As I've said elsewhere, I can only take anal once I've reached a particular level of sexual arousal, otherwise I find it impossible to enjoy, and even resent it :(
  4. Sashalust

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    Nix: No he did not get apologized for his actions and even turned down my offer to let him finish in my pussy.

    You know what was the weirdest part, it was the fact that a part of me really wanted to let him just have his way with me, to give into him completely. To the point that I felt bad for not being able to let him.....*shrugs*
  5. Nyx

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    I've been in a similar experience with my master.
    He ordered me onto all fours so he could perform anal (which I actually enjoy quite a bit) but for some reason that day I was just not feeling very comfortable down there and when he started to slide into me I jerked away and refused to go back into position. In return for denying him what he wanted I was punished. Like you, Sasha, I felt bad later although at the time I couldn't think of another alternative.

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    Hey Sasha! Honestly in my opinion (wife) I enjoy letting my husband take complete control over me no matter what it may be, because I know that he will do no harm to me and I trust him..dont get me wrong I am in no way saying that you dont trust your husband...its more of a comfort thing, talk to him about it and slowly work your way to complete submission when it comes to anal sex or anything else for that matter, if thats what you wish for. So if given the situation where he wants to catch you off guard and take control of you like that again you wont be so afraid or bothered by what he is wanting to do to you and he wont feel bad or kill the moment. My husband and I have talked about him coming home one day wearing a mask and raping the hell out of me..yes to anyone who hasnt discussed this with their partner will terrify them if their spouse were to do this to them..but my husband brings the freak out in me and Im up for pretty much anything. ;) Hopefully this helps you out!
  7. Sashalust

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    We talk often about everything involving our sex life and everything else really. The issue is that I am naturally dominate, we both are and we have a rule/system where we submit to one another to satisfy our needs for being dominate. He submits easier to me then I do to him, so it takes me a bit more effort to get into the mindset of submitting and when this happened I was just not there completely and made it hard to let him continue.

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