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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Redhead90, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Redhead90

    Redhead90 New Member

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    So my master ordered I ask advice on being a better submissive. I do most of what I am told but sometimes my fiery side kicks in and I question, quarrel etc. we do come to conclusions and agreements but I want some advice from other subs on how they just accept certain things even if they arent too fond of it or any ideas experiences and the like :)
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  2. Ruelee

    Ruelee Member

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    For the times when I'm submissive, it's the idea that I have to obey, or I run the risk of my Master picking out a punishment. Whether just not to masturbate for a time, or to do something even more humiliating. I usually don't like those, because he knows exactly what I don't like - then it's a case of do what I don't want to, or do something that I want even less.
    Sometimes I'll question and resist a little as well, but always in the end I either do it, or accept whatever Master decides to do to/with me because I didn't.

    But some Masters like their subs to be a little resistant, more fiesty, it gives them opportunities.
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  3. HanTony

    HanTony New Member

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    I found it wasn't so much the submission in the bedroom that was the problem, but the general lifestlye, such as hitting the gym a few times a week and being a good partner in all aspects of life. Can't have your owner sitting arround bored all day and night now, can we?
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  4. Miss_Sesse

    Miss_Sesse New Member

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    well when we play the game, im submissive to Him, but still I like to be fiesty and resistant and he likes it to just like ruelee said, it gives Him oppurtunities to go a step further because He knows that you can take it ;)

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