Beginner training for a sub?

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by KibaSub, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. KibaSub

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    Hi everyone. :)

    Im Kiba, 20 years old female. I stand at 5'7" and about 135lbs with lovely curves, black hair (with blond underneath) and grey eyes.

    I've never been in a BDSM relationship, the last man I thought would agree sadly turned me down in favor of more vanilla style. I've had no training but I feel I'd make a wonderful sub in the future with the right Master to teach me.

    Right now I'm not looking for a long-term relationship or future face-to-face play, sorry! I'm hoping to find a Master to befriend and show me the ropes (no pun intended) and basic training online until I've earned the right to truly call myself a 'submissive'. I've read and researched all I could without actually stepping into a scene, and I'd like to have some training before taking that step!

    Please PM me if your interested! ;) Even if your sub wanting to share advice, I love making friends and chatting.
    Im very talkative...sorry :shut-mouth:

    EDIT: I want to thank everyone who messaged me but i found who i was looking for!! <3
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  2. I know its a long shot butby any chance are you interested in a fmale master?
  3. KibaSub

    KibaSub New Member

    Im good with either Male or female :D
    for right now, my main aim is learning and getting into the "sub" mindset and if a Mistress can do train me, than why not?!
  4. fairystail

    fairystail New Member

    ill help you if you want send me a message if your interested and if not well its nice to make friends anyway :)
  5. KibaSub

    KibaSub New Member

    I want to thank everyone who messaged me but i found who i was looking for!! <3

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