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    I recently came across this video and thought it might be of help to some.'t+talk+to+the+police&ei=WuM9SM6yHZP8rQL4p6iSBA#

    It concerns the officers of the law here in the U.S. but I'm sure there are similarities all over the world.
    In many cases we do things with each other that others would consider an offense.

    This is a reminder, and in some ways, a legal primer on what innocent people should discuss with and officer.

    I did not post it in the General Discussion forum because it might be considered off-topic, but I wanted to.

    I have been affected personally by some of what is talked about. I share it with you hoping to save you some time, hassle, and anxiety.... or worse.

    It's a bit long, but worth watching.

    Hope it helps someone.
  2. sebastian

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    Interesting video, and the cop's talk is pretty good too. I'm hardly a lawyer, but what he says makes sense, and the point about nothing you say having any exculpatory value is news to me.
  3. L8NightQ

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    As it was to me. I listened to the cop's side too. It really surprised me also. I expected him to "not" agree with the lawyer.
    It's really to bad that the only things they can do with what you say are a disadvantage to you, with no up side.

    Hope others can learn from this as well.

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