Be careful what you wish for

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by subspace, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. subspace

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    So I have been wanting some heavier play, more pain and experimenting with a little blood. I have really been obsessing about it a lot lately. I took my lab for a walk tonight my neighbor's Great Dane charged me and threw me to the ground. The knee was ripped out of my jeans, both knees and palms are chewed up and have gravel embedded in them. Myu whole body hurts and I am covered in bruises. Isn't it ironic that these injuries and lasting pain would bring me so much lasting pleasure if the way I acquired them were from my D? I actually enjoyed the initial Adrenalin rush but about 5-10 minutes later I was in tears. I guess its not much different than the way I react to heavy play.
  2. Ophelia

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    Shock is what maybe upset you but hell is it weird that I would have enjoyed that? The best way to veiw it is that pain is one of those wonderful human feelings that we should embrace.
  3. nix

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    I think the difference is context. If someone were to hit me in the balls, I'd be uncomfortable and cranky. However my partner hits my balls regularly during bdsm play, and the same uncomfortableness is a turn on.

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