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  1. mrjake

    mrjake New Member

    has any one been hung by there balls
  2. nix

    nix Guest

    nope but I'd like to be.
    been kicked in the balls though... mmmmm
  3. west01

    west01 New Member

    no, I don't think i could hang on my balls.
  4. sparkie

    sparkie New Member

    ball hanging

    I don't know if they still do it but back a while if you got caught buy the Mexican authorities suggling drugs you were questioned as to where the drugs came from and where they were going....they wanted their cut. Males were hog tied and their cock and balls ( not just the balls ) were secured to a rope and pully. I imagine you can become very talkative after a few minutes of this.
  5. BruisedNipples

    BruisedNipples New Member

    I've never been really suspended from my balls, but on occasion I have been in bondage laying on my back with a ball parachute stretching my balls upward, with a rope and pulley in the ceiling connecting the parachute with a bucket, which was being filled with increasing weights and water. This gave me the feeling that, while laying on my back and with my legs resting, the middle part of my body was definitely being lifted up.
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