Balls on the line

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    Balls on the line

    Gemma is interviewing for a highly paid, high pressure job within her company. Only somebody who is willing to really push themselves and go through hell will be right for the job - sombody willing to put their balls firmly on the line! Gemma has not been impressed with her applicants so far, but thinks she could have found her man when Matthew walks in. Matthew is determined to get the job and is prepared to prove to Gemma he has the balls for the job - literally. Gemma thinks if Matthew can put up with half an hour of hardcore ballbusting, that he might just be right! The six foot beauty gives Matthews nuts hell, kicking, kneeing, squeezing and slapping them until Matthew is a soprano and reduced to a whining mess on the floor - only then has he proved he has got what it takes for sadistic boss Gemma!
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