Balloons, Inflatables, pool, smoking and Bubblegum!

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    2 ride Nemo in the Pool!Buy Now
    Price: $7.99
    Size: 46 MB
    Length: 7 minutes
    2 Gals try to ride and inflatable Nemo in the Pool! One is a cute 20 year old with sexy curves in whit Bikini the other is a BBW

    4 BBWs have Gun Fun!Buy Now
    Price: $8.99
    Size: 79 MB
    Length: 8 minutes
    This video shows 4 gals having Bubble gum fun ! They are chewing and blowing for you Staring with Christine Who has a hard time with the gum but does get some bubbles blown and popped for you ! Then Nurse Vicki and Miss Kitty Really Have a good time playing together with the gum blowing bubbles and putting them together in a bubble gum kiss! They have a blast with the gum . They Show off and feed off each others joy! Then Diamond Amazon our lovely Haiti and African Model plays with a really big sucker and chews and blows gum for you! So tons of Sexy girls having fun with Gum


    The Big Gal Takes a Ride On Nemo the Fish!Buy Now
    Price: $4.99
    Size: 24 MB
    Length: 4 minutes
    This Clip is So Funny as I try to ride nemo with my fat ass and he ends up riding me ! I laughed and giggled the full time until i was breatheless!

    EAT MY Smoke BABY a Night time Smoking Balloon Adventure and PlayingBuy Now
    Price: $13.99
    Size: 76 MB
    Length: 13 minutes
    We Needed a smoke break Lisa69 and I ( Nurse Vicki) So we went on the porch to Smoke Talk, blow smoke into our Balloons And POP them with our cigarettes ! A Fun Game, as each Gal tries to do better then the other !

    Non POP Balloon Play with tub full of balloons dressed in a skimpy dress then nude!Buy Now
    Price: $7.99
    Size: 42 MB
    Length: 7 minutes
    I loved blowing up balloons but playing with them on my skin is more fun ! here I have a tub full of Balloons to play with while you watch me rub them and tease with them on my big sexy Body! I do stuff some into my dress and make myself some bigger then life boobs from them stroke them all over my Body and enjoy them !

    Lisa Rides Nemo full clip Dressed to topless Bouncing Boobs . Muti formatBuy Now
    Price: $9.99
    Size: 83 MB
    Length: 9 minutes
    Young Lisa 69 Loves to play with toys In this case a huge Nemo Inflatable that her and girl friend Blew up in the previous video! The goal is to pop Nemo But he was tougher to pop and she had a very wild time Riding Nemo .She was bouncing him all over the place, first in her Jeans and black tank top then later in her bikini and Then in just her bottoms with her boobs bouncing Naked and free! And Nemo Took it all and didn't even lose any air! In the Next Clip Her Bigger Girl friend will ride him too but with much different action so come back and see that later or sign up to get notification when new clips are added! Thanks

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