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    i've almost cryed...
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    Its all about the experiences we share. A naked guy kneeling,legs spread, looking deep into his eyes. My tanned, pedicured, bare feet... slap! His full sack envelopes the top of my foot. Did he enjoy it as much as me, looks like hes lookin for more... slap! with more authority, his cock is getting hard, again, again, this is starting to feel like a work out, but I cant stop now. Every muscle in his body is flexed. His abs are tight, cock throbbing hard with his heart beat, his eyes are fixed on my bald slit, I go in with all my might...slap! balls splattering to each side, the shaft of his cock giving out to the top of my foot, and cum shooting clear up my thigh. Wow I didn't think we could do it, just by kicking. I hesitate for only a moment, he is still cumming, the kicking continues with less intensity, until his cock is once again soft.

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