Awkward resistant new girl needs you

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by new1, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. new1

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    If you would like to help me explore this or have any advice I would be very grateful for your donation.
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  2. nottsdom

    nottsdom New Member

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    That is an extremely intriguing offer/set-up with so many possibilities !! 'Turning' not only a lesbian but also another 'top' would be very fulfilling and satisfying i imagine. I could only wish i had enough experience to help you but i do wish you every luck

  3. new1

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    Thank you Nottsdom for the encouraging words...

  4. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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    I am missing part of what you need help with. Perhaps it was edited out, though I think i understand atleast part from Nottsdom's comment.

    I would give this advice, if your going to do this, make sure it is with a dom you can trust. Also, in general, people are who they are. They may DISCOVER that they are a dom, slave, sub etc., but that doesn't change the fact that they were that before, but didn't know it.

    A person can try to be something they are not, but in time you will realize what you are. With that being said, people change, and you may find that you are a switch rather than a dom etc. If you find that out, I am happy for you.

    But regardless, best of luck, and hope it all turns out ok.

    Sir Vicarious
  5. new1

    new1 Member

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    My apologies Sir Vicarious, It was edited amidst a failed attempt to delete the post in flurry of second thoughts.

    I will re-add the details asap as It is something that I still wish to explore.

    Basic requirement: A strong minded dom, articulate and possessing good command of the English language and patient but forceful intellectual persuasion.

    And thank you for your solid advice and good wishes.
  6. Dungeonspankr

    Dungeonspankr Banned

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    I would love to take you over my knee, although I'm not sure if you could handle the pain of the bathbrush!
  7. new1

    new1 Member

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    My reaction to that was one that would probably not be considered in touch with your principles or a tolerant approach to your dominant attitude......

    So I will test myself and grit my teeth and see how long I can hold my outburst, before I start talking hypothetically about how I maybe considered what you would look like tied to a railing whilst I make you abuse your slutty cock, and I pound your ass with an 9 inch strap on....

    Kind regards New1 (btw I'm having an awful day so if that wasn't harsh enough, take yourself to my Inbox, and sit there spanking your filthy primary brain until I get back to you)
  8. topprince

    topprince New Member

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    greetings new1, I will share with you an advice I sent one of my very young ( 19 yo ) femsub who asked almost similar thing, I will not re-edit it and it is as follows

    if I were you I would try to find a BDSM community center, ( NOT a show club ) something more of a mature and friendly gathering of like minded people, and if you feel you are into this lifestyle for good, then you better take things a bit slow and carefully, and believe me when I say that while most of the worst experiences in vanilla life might be disappointments, in BDSM they might turnout traumatic, you need someone you can truly and sincerely trust to work slowly on you and for a long time, starting very light and go up to find your limits, and expand the fields to identify what you really like and dislike, not what you think you like and dislike, the two are soooo different, also seeing it in the movies and doing it might not be the same, and a skillful trainer will know how to bring out your inner desires without risking you being hurt even psychologically,
    I will just give you a disgusting example, in a play scene, an inexperienced Dom, more of a wannabe, lost control and forgot that his submissive is a human, and believed she was his play toy for real, and he decided he wanted to pee on her face while ball-gagged, she started grasping for air and in the process inhaled and swallowed some of his dirty juice, you can guess what that did to her confidence, the inexperienced "Dom" said: I did not feel it was a big deal, it is not as if I hurt her.
    Sure. physically he did not harm her, but as a wannabe he did not believe there will be any psychological fallout. Mistakes in our lifestyle cost dearly especially to the sub.
    the whole thing is built on trust and honesty of both, and when you lose that or even a bit of it, it will be hard to retrieve, and you will not be totally relaxed to enjoy your submission, and that of course is a buzz killer, in my dictionary the Dom's role is very hard, harder than most people believe, in order for the sub to enjoy her submission she has to free fall from the sky with her arms wide open and her eyes tight shut, believing that her Dom will never allow her to crash.

    be safe and happy
  9. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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    Good advice, too many people assume bdsm is abuse, and thus act accordingly.

    Submission is NEVER abuse. It is the Dom's job to protect the sub, not to cause scars.
  10. new1

    new1 Member

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    Wow beautiful....... Thank you
  11. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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    no thanks are needed, it is the truth.
  12. new1

    new1 Member

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    Sharing some thoughts/Quotes;

    To have someone give you control of their bodies and minds,
    to be entrusted with the responsibility to take care of them,
    to have someone willing to suffer for you,
    to forsake pride and dignity to please you...
    what other gift in this world can possibility equate to that?

    And more importantly, what makes you worthy to receive it? – Anonymous

    The number one job of the dominant is to continually seduce consent
    from the bottom. -- Joseph Bean

    Not rudely approach with a bath brush, making hasty lazy assertions about my limits.
  13. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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    I would add, when a dom has lost respect... he has lost everything.
  14. new1

    new1 Member

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    Wow..... so true...............
  15. topprince

    topprince New Member

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    I totally agree with you Sir Vicarious regarding Dom's respect,

    he has to respect himself first before asking anyone to respect him

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