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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by asmodeus_frost, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. asmodeus_frost

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    So, I finally found a girl who is allowing me to explore this fetish, slowly but surly. I've always been interested in trying said things, but never met a girl who was willing to partake too. We're currently in a relationship & monogamous. I remember sitting around, discussing our kinks & well, I'm going to have to break her in slowly. However, she's been open to role-playing; Brother & Sister & of course Ass Play. Back to the topic at hand, I still remember the first time I allowed this to take place. I knew that I was going to propose it that evening so I made sure that my shower was extremely extensive in cleaning & I was even more shaved than I normally am. I'm a red-head, so I don't have much hair to begin with, however what little I do have, gets taken care of.

    While she was stroking my cock, getting it oiled up with pre cum, making it throb & ache she ventured her head down to my balls, with each flick of her tongue & suck she seemed to be moving lower. I'll tell you, I was a bit nervous at first. She spread apart my ass cheeks, I took control of my cock with the continued, slow stroking up & over the head & she darted her tongue around my tight asshole & it feel amazing! Warm, wet & exhilarating. She's since moved up to using a finger inside & it's such an amazing sensation, I'm falling in love with the fetish. Now, if I could only talk her into allowing me to return the favor.

    Any others a fan of Ass Play? If so, what was your first experience like?
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  2. master jey

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    not a fan but i liked it i had it only once and i was never interested again

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