Ass play?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by sexysub07, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. sexysub07

    sexysub07 New Member

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    Soo i just started getting into ass play with this new guy i am sleeping with... i need suggestions because we are taking it easy! I have never had much experience in this... be we want to work up to anal sex... so far he just started with his tounge and index finger!
  2. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    If you are enjoying that then you are on the right track
    Building up to more fingers

    Loads of lube and go slow so it never hurts
    Keep yourself well turned on

    I loved to start with when he was fingering my ass him rubbing his cock over my ass and gently pressing the tip onto my ass but not penetraiting
    Then cumming on me and fingering it in, that got me in a good mindset
    Then once I was up to three fingers a little push and he slid right in

    The seceret is to always have the play feel amazing
  3. xxxpoloner

    xxxpoloner Member

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    sexysub07, I consider that if you like tounge and fingers in your ass, just do it. But I should tell you that you should start only when you feel ready to penetration. On the basis of my experience you'll like it ;)
  4. jungleboy969

    jungleboy969 New Member

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  5. Uric

    Uric New Member

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    Great advice. When I started playing with my own, I took it nice and slow and worked up to things. It's always more sensual and erotic that way :)
  6. MagnatXXX

    MagnatXXX New Member

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    I like fuck in the ASS))

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    My boyfriend and I have done a considerable amount of ass play, and what Jett said is spot on. LOTS of lube, and I suggest every time starting with a finger or a small toy then perhaps two fingers or a bigger toy and then slowly put in the penis. You might get to the point where you can just lube up a cock and jam it in there, but I would NOT advise trying that anytime soon... My first time doing it that way was my LAST! LOL.

    Also, please be careful not to put something that was just in your anus in your vagina! Wash it first or change condoms, because the bacteria that live happily in your anus will wreak smelly havoc in your vagina. I have done this twice and not gotten TOO bad of an infection, but my vagina smelled like shit for almost a week. But you can get painful vaginal infections from rectile bacteria.
  8. tnsub

    tnsub New Member

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    always remember to not be tense or it will hurt tons, I had a GF that loved to shove a dildo in my ass, she thought it was hysterical:p:).
  9. Dream_of_crazy

    Dream_of_crazy Active Member

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    All what i can say - this is a very nice kind of sex. Me and my wife like to do this))
  10. gwisbey

    gwisbey Active Member

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    me too...:kiss:
    like anal

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