Ask yourself, what is your age and year of birth, this year? What does it amount to?

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  1. Death

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    This year will be the year when the date of the 11th of November 2011 will be 11/11/11. So, what year were *you* born? 1993 (93), maybe? Or 1981 (81)? Or maybe 1960 (60)? Whatever your birthdate, when you have your birthday, this year - as long as you are born in the 20th century - your current age plused with the last two digits of your birthdate will amount to 111. But only this year - not last year, and not next year. Next time this will happen will be the year 2111.

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  2. Death

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    Quote from a reply on another forum:

    Okay, whatever then. I thought it was great fun but I guess not. Just due to purely boring mathematical irrelevancies and no more than that.

    ...Sigh. :/ Back to reality.
  3. Tumbl3

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    Actually from what my roommate Tom has told me, my birthday through numerology represents me as Chaos. My birthday is 4-27-1991 and I was born at 3:15pm. :]
  4. Death

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    I never seem to be able to forget about "meanings" behind numbers. Over and over, I have been proven wrong, even in regards to the strangest events of numerical synchronicity, yet I still keep thinking that somewhere, there will be hidden meanings.... -_-

    Or at least, I have been proven wrong when I thought they were signs of me finally finding happiness. I guess, if you disregard that, and look at the negative, I have not been proven wrong at all, and some events were to damned specific. Like when I took a photo of a house, very near me, that had burnt down likely the same day that one of my exes were unfaithful to me, and the camera's numbering of it was the same date as when she and I met. Day, month, year... with the year being shortened to an 8, that is, instead of 2008. And the house burning down was like a symbol of the destruction of our relationship, that was happening... maybe at the very moment it was burning down. It's almost scary to think about.
  5. Tumbl3

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    -nods- I understand because I do that too and that has also happened to me. I just take it all with a grain of salt and a blissful smile on my face. If things happen they happen, and if they don't well, then, that's an entirely different matter.

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