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    Hi all

    My name is Dark McArthur, ok it's obviously an assumed name, but it's nearly the one I was born with. I am originally from Scotland and have lived and worked all over. I am currently based in Germany, so I guess any kind of face to face meeting with the right person would by definition be sporadic, but there is a lot of fun to be had in online and chat frissons.

    I'm 42 years old, look about 5 years younger than that (lucky me), about 5'9" 12.8 stone, greyblue eyes and light red brown hair which is going a little grey round the edges it must be said. I'm very creative, imaginative, outgoing and sensitive to others feelings, I also have a very active dark side.
    In my previous life I was an art director for film and tv, a professional scuba diver and a few other occupations along the way.

    I have a Ba hons degree in fine art, and love science, literature and nature, honest people, shapely women and ropes and cuffs. I hate mindless violence, particularly against women, gore and deliberately inflicted pain and respectless remarks which models often get as comments on their photos and work.

    For a living, I¡¦m an artist who specialises in bondage and fetish art (Oil paintings, sketches etc), sculptures and photography and spend my working time creating bespoke and commissioned artworks for clients all over Europe and am just starting to get projects from further afield.

    What am I looking for, a good question, but at first I'm looking for the right person, who is educated, nice, honest, fun, creative, intelligent, likes to talk, read, flirt and have fun online through chat, email etc, but also who finds the idea of being drawn, painted or photographed in bondage exciting and unusual.

    I'm on this forum for fun and adventure though, not for any professional reason, so please don't worry I'm not touting for commissions or to sell my work, I have enough work on at the moment. Instead, I'm looking for someone who in addition to the normal dom sub fun and games, will indulge themselves and explore the dark sides of themselves, explore what they like to wear, what they like to do and have done to them, what their fantasies are and how they'd like to see them realised, and to see themselves as beautiful and together or with direction, I will make art from them from photos, from description, or from life and give them a copy of their artwork, print or sculpture without hope or agenda in return.

    Main thing is that we share the similar interests, lets talk, get to know a bit about each other and keep things appropriate until such a time as they want to or need to change, friends first please.

    Please don't respond if you are racist, sexist, or in any way predjudiced, I'm not into scat, blood etc, and won't go there. Also, If you're not a native English speaker, wonderful, fantastic and I completely understand, I'd love to chat and get to know you, but textspeak is not a foreign language, so please none of it. I can also communicate in german if you'd prefer (some people really like that ;-))

    Interested, curios, want to know more, or introduce yourself, please send me a message and lets see how things progress.

    Amor et Dolor

    Dark McArthur

    3 things very close to my heart.

    Firstly, and most importantly, regardless of your age, size, shape, desires or preferences I respect you as a woman, you are not an object. I work with models in my daily life and get very angry when people are disrespectful to them through comments or actions. Your opinion matters as do your decisions and wishes which I will respect at all times.

    Secondly, I will respect you and be honest and open with you and will only progress beyond a textual relationship when and if a bond of trust and proper communication has been formed between me and the right person.

    And Thirdly, I hereby state categorically that am NOT a dirty old man looking for a young thing to relive dreams of past glories with (the thought is abhorant to me) and I am not registered here simply looking for quick gratification.

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