Aren't there any female subs here?

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by gothicjedi666, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. gothicjedi666

    gothicjedi666 Member

    Really where are the female subs all I see is sissy males on this thing. Aren't there any ladies out there who want to be made to submit?
  2. Volkvolkmem

    Volkvolkmem Member

  3. Laur

    Laur New Member

    Do you think your man enough to make me submit? ;)
  4. WickedStephanie

    WickedStephanie New Member

    *Raises Hand* I'm a female sub. Yeah there is a lot of male subs here.
  5. gothicjedi666

    gothicjedi666 Member

    I do indeed.
  6. GentlemanJay

    GentlemanJay Guest

    It does seem like this forum has plenty of male subs but not much sign of female subs. This thread also shows this to be case!!
    Are there really no females with a desire to be submissive???
  7. bloodupdate

    bloodupdate New Member

    that is true
  8. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    It is a well known fact that the personals on this forum suck, no matter what you're looking for. Instead of whining, you should look on an actual dating site.

    (this is spoken both as a mod suggestion and as a female sub who gets sick of seeing mdoms whining)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
  9. GentlemanJay

    GentlemanJay Guest

    And as a new member to this forum how am I supposed to know this well known fact that the personals on this forum suck????
    I don't know about the others but I'm not whining merely agreeing that there does not seem to be many female subs on here.
    Appreciate your suggestion but I have been on so many different kind of dating sites and have found them to be a waste of time. So I am trying different things and certainly not relying on this one site to find what I'm looking for

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