Anyone have a fantasy of being arrested?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Crazyguy123, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Crazyguy123

    Crazyguy123 Member

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    For a long time, even when I was still just a kid, I've had a fascination with being arrested, put in handcuffs, and then taken to jail and being chained up or locked away. Now that I'm an adult, the idea of being put into a cell or cage where I am chained up nude is a turn on for me.

    I have a really fun fantasy I would absolutely love to try out some day of being arrested by a female police officer who puts handcuffs on me and then takes me to jail where I get punished for my crime and then chained up in my cell so I can't move around very well.

    Does anyone else have a fantasy just like this or that is similar to it? I imagine it's probably a common one, but I don't really know how common this is. I don't know exactly if my desire to experience getting arrested and taken to jail like this is a fetish or not, but I do know that it sounds like it would be an amazing thing to experience.
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  2. VladHarkonnen

    VladHarkonnen New Member

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    I have a fantasy about being pulled over by a female cop that thinks I'm hot. She handcuffs my balls to my steering wheel then sticks her bare ass at me through my open car window and commands me to orally service her if I want to get out of getting a ticket. After that she has my information and comes by my house whenever she wants for whatever sexual pleasuring she desires. For some reason, I don't have fantasies about actually being hauled in...
  3. Crazyguy123

    Crazyguy123 Member

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    That sounds just about as much fun as what I described, but with your fantasy, at least you would be able to go back home once you were done pleasing the officer, so you would still have some freedom. With mine, I'd end up trapped in a jail cell unable to leave until the officer decided she was ready to let me go.

    Maybe for you, you like being controlled more than actually being restrained and locked away. That could be the reason for why you don't have fantasies about actually being taken to jail.
  4. Mistywillow

    Mistywillow Member

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    Oh yes I have a thing about police officers. The idea of being cuffed, searched & chained in a cell completely at his mercy is such a turn on. My fav fantasy is being pulled over for some minor reason & being asked to step out of my car, on doing so the officer grabs my arms & cuffs me. He then forces me over the bonnet of his car & conducts a full search, before throwing me in the back of his car & hauling me to jail, where he chains me up & instructs me to follow his orders if I want to be released :)
  5. MistressPoppy

    MistressPoppy New Member

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    I would be very happy to do all these things to you both, shame you don't live near me ;)

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    Yeah. Female officer, cuffed, put in the back of her car and brought to her house where she takes me to her basement. Then she strictly searches me and locks me in a cage or behind bars for awhile. Maybe even a day or two with lots of teasing. I love long term bondage!
  7. Crazyguy123

    Crazyguy123 Member

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    Long term bondage sounds like a lot of fun, especially with teasing and probably a bit of spanking, whipping, and flogging. I also think it would be fun to endure punishments that the female officer wants to punish me with that I wouldn't like, just as long as they were not one of my hard limits, mostly because being under her authority and being totally under her control would make the experience absolutely enjoyable.
  8. New Member

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    That sounds amazing, I would personally love this
  9. oneeyedsnake

    oneeyedsnake New Member

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    it would be excellent experience, but i too far from you
  10. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I don't think anyone was requesting, oneeyedsnake.
  11. Winfal9

    Winfal9 New Member

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    my and my ex use to play strip search, it was fun to hand cuff her and do a cavity search on her.
  12. New Member

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    That sounds very erotic. But it could fun for some that are into it. Bravo. Like it.

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    Exactly what I'd love. Stuff that I'd never ask for and don't really like, but have to do because I'm being controlled or forced. Being powerless is a huge part of why I love being dominated.

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